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Re: So who is dripping in Diamonds?

When using Google Trends currently there is a benchmark for the amount of searches that will show up.
Trends is a comparison tool.

The first term has to have a certain amount of searches.
The second term can be below that limit.

The languages don't matter too much but your first term is the primary thing you are comparing.

Luxury items fall below that scale in Japanese. Even in overture there may only be 2,000 searches a month registered looking for a mink coat. But just those 2,000 searches might bring in over a million dollars in sales.

So the way I see it diamonds in many languages might not make it as the primary term. You have to compare it against a base term.

You guys should all have base terms that you are one word in your stock that ranks by itself in Trends. You can either use a high term or a low term. I usually use Anime because it's the second highest in my collection.
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