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Re: Interesting Pic

Originally Posted by 123 View Post
i hand-regged a 70k exact 2 days ago. not claiming that it is a special name but it wasn't hard to find.

last week there was a dynadot auction where a ringtones in chinese or something like that was auctioned off not sure if it was renewed or the highest bidder got it but the auction ended around $700, i think it had at least 300k exact.

how much would you pay for in ascii? (with 360k exact) 1000 times as much?

so i think some good opportunities still exist. cost RS 33k and made 15 millions so far i think.

that is 500 times what he paid for it.

Fair enough, but we are clearly talking about diamond type names and to be specific Idn's or so I thought. A name with 70,000 exacty you use as an example would unfortunately not even qualify as a top 500 name although it might be a decent name. So lets get one thing straight here "decent" is not "diamond". I think this is where all the confusion stems from.
The question of where do you draw the line between "decent" and "diamond"?

someones trash might be someone elses treasure dilemna, but lets take all the personal emotions out of the equation for a second..... when we look at a primary word for bank, gold, insurance, realestate, automobile, or even mortgage in .com in all the applied for verisign scripts, you clearly have a diamond type name. You many call it premium, AAA grade, whatever the lingo, cringo. Similarily, you know a "decent" name when you see one as well. However, no matter how many different dictionary definitions you have of the word "decent", a decent name is not a diamond type name. Could happen over time, im not denying the possibility.

Furthermore, if we deem those diamonds in the pic to represent opportunity, then yes, i agree... plenty of opportunity left in the game. On the other hand, if those diamonds in the pic represent even top 200 names in the applied for languages, then Id have to disagree and say best of luck and keep digging.
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