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Re: Interesting Pic

Originally Posted by Emil View Post
no IDN is worth more than XX,XXX at this stage of the game, not right now. 99% of active bloggers on this website are owners of IDNs that held them for a long time and therefore net net they are better sellers of IDNs into strength rather than buyers of IDNs into weakness. That to me is a negative. It is also difficult for a lot of users here to admit/see the truth: the risks going forward are still high, we all know them by heart.

If i show XX,XXX bids to people here, majority will think very hard about hitting that bid and some will actually do so. But of course no one will admit here in the open forum.
The reason why hardly anyone on this forum will spend upwards of 10k on group or single idns is because they have managed to aquire idns over time for either reg fee or really cheap. Why would you spend 10k for something you baught for 100 bucks or less many years ago, it just makes little sense. Another reason might be that since idnf members have been renewing and aquiring names for years, they might rather use the 10k for renewals and minor idn purchases. Not everyone has 10k to blow on a single name, but that does not mean that the idn is not worth this amount. If you ask most senior members to sell you their best i doubt that they would.
But could a top sell for upwards of 10k now on idnf? We have proof that it can. Can a top idn be sold to an end user right now? thats been proven as well. It sure can.

I remember reading about someone in this forumn owning an idn that rakes in roughly $500-$1000 a month (if im not mistaking.) A name like that would surely be worth more then 10K.

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