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Would you expect more traffic?

I've registered a Korean name in .com (I don't want to reveal what it is just yet, because there are other names with this keyword I might want to reg, if things work out). It's a slang term with no direct english translation. I work with a Korean who confirmed the translation for me.

The name has, what I thought anyway, to be really good search volume. 18,000 exacts for desktop 90,500 on mobile, and growing fast. I think last month it recorded over 300,000 searches on mobile devices. Naver trends and everything look great too.

However, I've had it parked for nearly a week now and have had only 2 hits from Korea. Does that seem normal? I know you can never really predict what kind of traffic you're going to get, but I thought for sure it'd be good for more views than that. Originally, I was thinking maybe the nameservers had not propogated across the internet yet, but surely they should have by now.

And I know it's hard to give me any real advice without knowing the name, but any guidance you can give me as to what I might be missing/should consider anyway would be appreciated.
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