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Old 9th March 2009, 01:21 PM
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Fast Track - Resolution

Can we move then from that to the next item, which is a discussion about the IDN ccTLD fast track, and Demi, we have a draft resolution which I've asked you to move.

>>DEMI GETSCHKO: Thank you. Peter. First of all, I would say that I'm personally very happy to --

>>PETER DENGATE THRUSH: Demi, can you speak up please? I'm not sure whether that's on or you need to get closer.

>>DEMI GETSCHKO: Oh, sure.


>>DEMI GETSCHKO: But I'm saying that I'm very happy to see the progress in this area, and I'm eager to have this IDN ccTLD in place, and this is really a crucial issue for a long time, and we are really hoping to see as soon as possible this implemented and running.

I want to note also that in this meeting, the ccNSO constituency reached 90 members, and this is a very good thing to know, and I want to commend also the chair of the ccNSO, Chris, for the excellent work they are doing in populating this very important supporting organization, and have the things moving forward.

Then congratulations to the ccNSO for reaching 90 members in this meeting.

I will read the resolution.

It's about IDN ccTLD fast track.

Whereas, the second revision of the draft implementation plan for the IDN ccTLD fast track process was posted for public comments prior to the ICANN meeting in Mexico City, in order to generate additional community discussion on that topic during and after the meeting.

Whereas, the board has received advice from the GAC and the ccNSO on the draft implementation plan.

Whereas, the board notes that the GAC and the ccNSO are in agreement that more information is needed to support the cost recovery rationale identified in the draft implementation plan, documentations of responsibilities should be encouraged but voluntary, financial contributions should be made on a voluntary basis and not be imposed as a condition for delegation, and future IDN ccTLDs should adhere to all relevant standards, including the IDNA protocol.

Whereas, significant additions have been made on the implementation details of the plan, including a first draft of the documentation of responsibility, a standard arrangement between IDN ccTLD operators and ICANN, and the usage of the IDN tables and variant strings.

Whereas, other stakeholders and the board believe that additional discussion, investigation, and analysis is necessary to determine whether there should be a requirement for (1) documentation of responsibility (2) financial contributions and (3) adherence to the IDN guidelines and IDN technical standards such as IDNA protocol.

It is resolved, that the board thanks the ICANN community for its work to date and encourages it to continue its work so that the implementation plan can be finalized and considered by the board no later than at its annual meeting in 2009.

It is resolved that the board directs staff to work towards completion of the implementation plan for the IDN ccTLD fast track process by, among other tasks, continuing consultation on the documentation of responsibility, including a specification for adherence to the IDN guidelines and IDN technical standards such as the IDNA protocol.

It is resolved, that the board directs staff to rapidly provide the community with financial information on ICANN costs attributable to ccTLDs, including the costs associated with IDN ccTLDs, that will inform the creation of a financial model for cost contributions to the launch and continued management of the IDN ccTLDs.

Thank you.

>>PETER DENGATE THRUSH: Thank you, Demi. I'll second that, for the record. I think it's probably fair to indicate that there are fairly crucial discussions going on, and I think the resolution has tried to capture recording where there's some agreement and those areas where work needs to be done.

At the moment, there seems to be some opposing positions. The GAC and the ccNSO are fairly clear that they don't want formal contracts. Some members of the board are very clear and some members of the community are very clear that this cannot provide without formal contracts.

However, there was also plenty of signs that the parties are willing to work together to solve this difficulty, and I think that's the intent of the resolution, to record that, and to encourage those discussions to continue. So I look forward to that, and I'm reasonably certain that in the usual way, we will reach some consensus. Ram?

>>RAJASEKHAR RAMARAJ: Peter, I wanted to touch upon another point on technical standards.

As you have heard, there are many languages in Asia, including in my own native country, India, where meaningful words and geographic names can be represented, actually, in two characters.

These are not abbreviations. Rather, they are actually complete words, with full meaning.

For instance, "fire" in Tamil, my mother tongue, is t-i. Just two characters. Our Asian friends in the public forum yesterday brought several cases to our attention where country names and other meaningful labels can be represented solely in two characters.

In the light of these essential requirements, I recommend that staff review the three-character minimum for IDN TLDs and find a safe way to accommodate the pressing needs of the global multilingual community. Thank you.

>>PETER DENGATE THRUSH: Yes. Thank you, Ram. I'm not sure you're moving that as an amendment or an addition to this. I think it's certainly very clear that the board has heard that request. We did on a number of occasions. Paul, can I take it the staff have -- will take that and action that without any further formal stips?

>>PAUL TWOMEY: Absolutely.


>>RAM MOHAN: Thank you, Peter. It's good to see continued progress on IDN ccTLDs. As the SSAC liaison, I just wanted to state that the IDN ccTLD fast track, that entire process which will lead to the addition of ccTLDs and new names to the root zone, it's not an experimental process; it goes into the root. It goes live. And the decisions we make now about technical implementations will set precedent.

So I commend the ccNSO and the GAC for coming together on understanding the relevance and the importance of adhering and conforming to these technical standards, and I look forward to further efforts that get us to the point where IDN ccTLDs shall actually conform to these standards in a very unambiguous way. Thank you.

>>PETER DENGATE THRUSH: Okay. I have Rita, Thomas, and then Roberto.

>>RITA RODIN JOHNSTON: Thanks, Peter. I just wanted to note, especially after this week, my increased commitment to the rollout of new gTLDs, but I think that IDNs are now particularly dear to my heart.

I don't know about everyone in the audience, but I was quite moved by Gabriela Hernandez's presentation and it's so evident to me as you hear more and more people talk about IDN ccTLDs and the real desire to have these rolled out in their country, how important it is to give access to people that don't currently have access to the Internet. It's incredible to think about providing people with this tool to educate themselves, and I had about 30 seconds in my room to turn the TV on, and I saw a commercial that I unfortunately didn't understand because I don't speak Spanish, but it was a little girl with her mother in sort of somewhat dirty in a field and then she got to actually go to school and she was playing with a computer and there was some message at the end -- I'm presuming -- which said, you know, "Thank you." She was thanking some organization for funding, I was guessing. But, you know, "Thank you for the ability to use this computer and to get an education." And I think it's incredibly important that we all move forward on TLDs and these IDN issues that exist. I think the board is struggling, but if I could just make a -- make a request to the cc's and the GAC, I think that it -- we've heard from the community and you've heard somewhat from the board that it's important that we have some sort of ability to have some standards adhered to, and there's some sort of an ability to have some sort of financial contribution. And I do think that there's been a lot of progress made. The board is very, very encouraged by the discussions this week, and I encourage everyone, again, to keep driving towards solutions so that we can really start this very, very important global initiative.

>>PETER DENGATE THRUSH: Thank you, Rita. Thomas?

>>THOMAS ROESSLER: Speaking as the technical liaison to the board, I would, first of all, like to second the comments that Ram had just made. I will add that the technical standards work that is going on in the IDN area right now is extremely diligent, extremely important, and that it, in fact, is work that happens with the participation of many in this community. I would like the board to recognize that participation by all members of this community that are involved in this work and also by the ICANN staffers who are doing excellent and very diligent work and are contributing actively to this. I think this is worthwhile calling out to everybody here.

>>PETER DENGATE THRUSH: Thank you, Thomas, for drawing that to our attention. Yes. Roberto.

>>ROBERTO GAETANO: I think that Thomas has expressed exactly my feelings. Thank you.

>>PETER DENGATE THRUSH: Thanks, Roberto. Harald?

>>HARALD TVEIT ALVESTRAND: So I was heartened to see the strong commitment of members of the GAC and the ccNSO and the board and all the other people to actually get this show on the road. And there's a number of words in the English language that have quite very emotional meanings or have attached a lot of history to them in the ICANN process of which, of course, "contract" is one. And I am confident that people of good will will be -- manage to find a way forward that allows us to say, "Okay, we agree, and we know that we are agreeing, let's get the show on the road."

Looking forward to the next round.

>>PETER DENGATE THRUSH: Thanks, Harald. And Janis.

>>JANIS KARKLINS: Thank you, Peter. For my part, I can also express our satisfaction with the progress. During this meeting, the ccNSO and the GAC sent very clear and unambiguous message to the board and to the rest of the community that a number of important principles should be followed.

First and foremost, that there should be adherence to standards.

And equally principled the cost involved in rollout of IDNs should be somehow covered.

The question is: How?

And I think that here we may have some divergence of opinions which needs to be resolved by next meeting, and we're looking forward to engagement on these subjects.

The resolution reflects very precisely the position of ccNSO and the GAC on the subjects and we are looking forward to further work.

Only wish -- and very strong wish -- is that this work should be finalized during the annual meeting of ICANN in 2009.

There are many countries which are already ready to start working on -- with IDN cc -- with IDNs in their territories. They are impatient. And I think we need to keep in mind, then, implications, political implications and also implications of image of ICANN if we will, for one reason or another, will not meet the deadline of the annual meeting of 2009.

The world is watching, and I think that this is our responsibility to conclude this work by the end of the year. Thank you.

>>PETER DENGATE THRUSH: Thank you, Janis. And then Dennis, I think.

>>DENNIS JENNINGS: Thank you, Peter. I regard the introduction of the new IDN ccTLDs as extremely important and very urgent. Nevertheless, having said that, we must get the technology right. We must get the relationships and the protections for registrants right. We must get the finances right. So there is work to be done. It's both urgent, on the one hand, but necessary that we get -- do it prudently and get it correct. I'd love to see that we're introducing the IDN ccTLDs in the third quarter this year. I'd even go so far as to say that, you know, I'd -- I know we've made a commitment that we'll try and introduce all the gTLDs at the same time, but I regard the IDN ccTLDs as so important that I would wish to see them accelerated even if the gTLDs are not ready to go, but having said that, we got to get it right.

>>PETER DENGATE THRUSH: We don't actually have to resolve that issue yet Dennis but the question of parity of process or not needs to be returned. I've got Paul Twomey next and then we on come back to Rita.

>>PAUL TWOMEY: Thank you, Chairman. And thank you, both Dennis and Janis, for your interventions. Perhaps picking up on those interventions, the resolution directs staff to work towards completion of implementation plan, including consultation and documents of responsibility.

Perhaps it would be worth sharing, just for the community's illumination, that at least at the moment, it's my view in moving forward with that -- implementing that direction that the proposal put forward by Jean-Jacques Subrenat in the meeting with the GAC of potentially convening a small group of GAC, ccNSO, staff and potentially staff members might be quite a useful way to help address that disconnect. So I expect to see some ongoing cross-constituency discussion on this, to see whether we can push this together in a timely manner.

>>PETER DENGATE THRUSH: Thanks, Paul. And Rita.

>>RITA RODIN JOHNSTON: I just wanted to make a comment for the record, since Dennis kind of opened an issue that I am actually not in favor of separating the introduction of new gTLDs and IDN ccTLDs. I think that both are important, and I -- I am committed to trying to resolve all of the issues at the same time, and I don't want people to think that there aren't board members that think that they both should come out at the same time.


>>BRUCE TONKIN: I just want to echo Rita's comment. I think it's important that we at least target the introduction of these things into the root together. That should be our objective.

>>PETER DENGATE THRUSH: Well, why don't we schedule a conversation about this for the Sydney meeting, because at the moment I think we have no formal position on the board. We've noted the position, I think, from the GNSO that one development should not delay the other, and we have so far taken the position that we are working towards, you know, contemporaneous introduction. But that was done at a time before any of the implementation discussions had taken place, and we now know that -- where we are better in relation to both sets, so a discussion now that -- now that the possibility of divergence is becoming more real, what the policy behind that.

So perhaps Paul, you could note that we may need to be briefed on that for the Sydney meeting as to actually have a review of the policy position in relation to timing between ccTLD introduction and gTLD introduction of IDNs.

Anything further on that? In that case, I think it's probably time to put the resolution.

All those in favor of the resolution please raise their hands.

[Show of hands]

>>PETER DENGATE THRUSH: Any opposed? Abstentions? Carried unanimously.
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Old 9th March 2009, 10:41 PM
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Re: Fast Track - Resolution

thanks for posting this...

well it looks like the pressure from Russian and China is full bore...

I don't think the Indian/ cctld/ gtld script phishing and character minimum
study ....push the can down the curb is over yet....


China mobile is selling dot CN'

and when the fast track is finished.. Sydney / annual...? whichever...

IDN dot com's are likely to resolve finally...
and the bullshit will be gone...
firewall will still be there yes.....
but the bullshit root split or confusion will be dust...

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Old 10th March 2009, 03:40 AM
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Re: Fast Track - Resolution

I really wouldn't know what to do if I started getting traffic from China.

Don't know if the host's computers could handle the
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