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Re: Verisign confirms their IDN aliasing plans, hooray!

it's a smart [commercial] move.
They would have been flamed had they said you have to purchase the twin. They would have been flamed had they said if you didn't purchase the twin, someone else could.

so instead of giving it away, they allow you to make the choice. Buy it or not.

but no choice to "swap" com for the transliteration IDNgTLD.

so in other words, existing registrants have to purchase again if they want the transliteration IDNgTLD

Originally Posted by Avtal View Post
It will be interesting to learn what "subject to applicable rights protection mechanisms" means.
They make a big point of needing to avoid confusion by not having the twins separately owned. So to enable a rights protection mechanism that could effectively separate the twins, would go against that.
The logical step would be to use the UDRP process to gain control of the current registered domain. Thus keeping everything in sync. But we know that - let's hope that was the vibe of the letter they sent to ICANN
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