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blastfromthepast 17th April 2006 04:42 PM

PR: How to Catch IDN Domain Names
How to Catch IDN Domain Names From Your Desktop PC

Now anyone can catch expiring domain names using a simple desktop computer. As domain name speculators register thousands of domain names each day, a simple desktop application has proven to make life a little easier.

Ft. Lauderdale, FL (PRWEB) April 17, 2006 -- Each day approximately twenty thousand domain names expire as a result of the current owner failing to pay the registration fees. Most of these domain names are quickly registered the minute they expire. Sitting behind computers are a countless number of “domain speculators” who anxiously wait for the domain names to drop. Most have completed their homework and have studied the past history on the domain names they are seeking. In a hope to cash in on the pre-existing web traffic, thousands of “domainers” are monitoring the same names. Each day at 2:00pm Eastern time, the mad rush begins as domain names begin to drop from the registry.

Many of these speculators rely on a backorder service such as or to help them acquire the domain names they are after. These names are acquired by the registrars and auctioned off to the highest bidder. The industry has commented that this practice is unfair, as the individual with the “deepest pockets” will win the domain name.

In an attempt to level the playing field, a new product was introduced to the industry several years ago. A company called markets a domain name grabbing program that allows anyone with a computer the opportunity to share in the domain name drop business. The program resides on the users computer and sends repeated requests to several registrars each second. The minute the domain names becomes available to the public, they are immediately registered using the software. has partnered with the registrar to offer this service. The application has been coded to work with IDN Domain Names as the interest in Internation Domain Names become more prevelant. When asked how their product competes with a backorder service the developer Dan Rubin stated the following:

“We recognize there are thousands of members in the domain community competing for the same domain names. Often times our software prevails over the back ordering companies, as they are monitoring large portfolios for their clients. If one average domain name is acquired using our software, the small purchase price is quickly justified. The more resources a domainer has working for them, the better their odds of obtaining the desired domain name. We wanted to give everyone the chance to take part in this exciting industry.”

For further details users can visit the website located at or take advantage of their specials and affiliate program as seen at


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kenne 17th April 2006 05:04 PM

Re: PR: How to Catch IDN Domain Names
Sorry basic question: What's the difference between enom and moniker version? Do they cover different kinds of drops?


OldIDNer 17th April 2006 05:04 PM

Re: PR: How to Catch IDN Domain Names
So can now one register IDN domains (punycode) with Moniker? I asked monte about this not too long ago and he said they dont support it yet.

Would be awesome if they did.

Anyway, I've sent some emails to check.

gammascalper 17th April 2006 05:33 PM

Re: PR: How to Catch IDN Domain Names
If this software were priced according to how many people buy them, then it would be compelling, as your chances in dropcatching using the same means decline proportionately with the number of users.

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