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Re: The Proof

Originally Posted by Rubber Duck View Post
Yes, that it is what GS & Co were saying 5 years ago when The Duck was saying 2020. Now they concur but it is actually looking more like about 2017.

Of course, you could be right. But it sounds like it would be a First.

Anyway, it matters not. China is already overtaking Japan in E-Commerce and will have outstripped the US by 2020. To some extent that is because they have by-passed much of the abortive development in the US. Why build Malls which you know are going to fold?
No, it's an example of a lone turd with a hysterical agenda citing a fact absent context.

It's what people with ideological agendas do all the time.

This isn't to say China is not very much a 'thing' unto itself, economically speaking- it is- but when you put it all in perspective, our poor will still be driving cars, owning flat screen TVs and eating government funded tropical fruits and deep sea fish before theirs get indoor plumbing.
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