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Chinese Real Estate Domains

Great list of Simplified Chinese Real Estate and Finance domains.

The real estate market in China is still booming.
Here are some good domains

Starting at $1 per domain
$1 increments
BIN $20 USD per domain

The auction will run for 48hrs

西安房产.net Xi'an Real Estate
厦门房产.net Xiamen Real Estate
郑州房产.net Zhengzhou Real Estate
长沙房产.net Changsha Real Estate
福州房产.net Fuzhou Real Estate
天津二手房.net Tianjin Second hand Housing
济南二手房.net Jinan Second-hand housing
深圳租房.net Shenzhen Rentals
天津租房.net Tianjin Rentals
青岛租房.net Qingdao Rentals
沈阳租房.net Shenyang Rentals
郑州租房.net Zhengzhou Rentals
苏州租房.net Suzhou Rentals
北京出租房.net Beijing Rentals

All domains are registered at

Researching the stats and verifying the translations is the responsibility of the buyer.
If there are any mistranslations, please let me know and they will be corrected.

Payment by paypal balance.

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