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Re: Official brokers here?

Originally Posted by squirrel View Post
You have leads that you need someone to work on or you're looking for a broker to proactively find buyers ?
Neither actually. I'm not trying to "market" domains, I just need a smart, well informed agent who knows how to set the prices, negotiate, and can handle buyers. I'm basically trying to buy my peace of mind by partnering with an agent. I don't want to deal with buyers.

About half my portfolio is Arabic. Early this year I had to "surrender" 3 domains that "belong" to a 100,000 person Arabic tribe. They basically intimidated me by phone and were one person away from coming to my house actually. Same thing with buyers calling from Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

If I were some office in the U.S. or somewhere else they would have probably bought it with a smile.

Any ideas would be appreciated.
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