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Re: Official brokers here?

Originally Posted by squirrel View Post
I am not sure if you want to completely remove your info from whois ? In which case you really have to trust the person representing you.
I did that (hide whois) for some troublesome domains.

Originally Posted by squirrel View Post
As a side note, I think pricing your inventory might be a good idea.
This requires research. I can't price the domains beforehand; I have to identify the potential buyers first. I have mostly generic domains and they clear the TM issue problems, but there are only a few critical buyers for them (I'm talking about corporate buyers and not some guy(s) somewhere).

I have to come up with some kind of formula that takes in the buyer's annual report (profits, operational expenditures, advertisement budget, public exposure...etc.) I have to set the domain price within the "viable" range of the corporation, neither low nor high!

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