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Re: dropping some names

Originally Posted by Ben View Post
I still type domains into my smartphone.
Same here. I actually really get annoyed with all the "download the app" links when I visit mobile sites. A lot of apps these days provide less value to me than a bookmark. And I not referring to small forum type apps, but large companies.

I have owned almost every iphone since 2007 and there are only about 5-10 apps I use regularly. Although hundreds have been downloaded and deleted.

Personally, I don't see domains going anywhere. If anything I think they will become more important. I know a lot of people that would rather enter a short address into a browser than search their apps. Of course this varies greatly country to country and I'll admit that my situation could differ greatly than someone in China or Saudi Arabia. That said, most people can't work from their mobiles and many people browse the internet when working.

The dot com isn't going anywhere anytime soon either. The extension in the most simple terms receives the most exposure.

66% of the top 50 global sites use .com
66% of the top 50 sites in China use .com (this excludes
34% of the top 50 sites in Russia use .com
54% of the top 50 sites in Japan use .com
88% of the top 50 sites in Thailand use .com
72% of the top 50 sites in South Korea use .com

Just because the transliterations are delayed doesn't mean that everyone is going to forget the dot com exists. A lot of companies would have to become insolvent or switch domains for that to occur.

I do think the new gTLDS will have an impact on the value of long tail dot com and even cctlds. I still think strong, premium single words will hold their values or even perhaps increase. Most of the new gTLDs will be duds.

IDNs, specifically IDN dot coms, will not be winners in every country. But there will certainly be at least a few countries that embrace them. Personally, I think the best approach is to stay diversified and stick with dot coms. As I've always said stay away from .nets unless you can really afford to do so. With so many variables and uncertainties investing in IDN dot com right now is like betting black or red on the roulette wheel with a potential payoff equal to choosing a number. On the other hand, investing in .nets is like betting a number on the roulette wheel with the potential payoff equal to choosing black or red. The risk is not aligned with the reward especially with such low entrance barriers to the dot com idn market. Just my two cents.

Btw, premium idns are still selling behind the scenes. I have witnessed dot coms traded for many thousands over the last few months.
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