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Old 18th May 2009, 01:48 PM
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4 june CNNIC meeting

Of course, 4 June is a somewhat inauspicious date in China's history but it sounds like this meeting could be the start of something good for China's internet aspirations. Here is a rough translation of the itinerary for the benefit of non-speakers, like me :-)

Any Chinese residents out there who can report what developments appear to be happening 'on the ground'?


CNNIC will be held June 4 domain of China's first General Assembly 2009-05-16 0:24 来源:CNNIC 作者:佚名 浏览量: 2009-05-16 0:24 Source: CNNIC Author: Anonymous Views: 472 评论: 0条 Comments: 0
为了进一步推动我国互联网域名产业的科学发展,加强与国际同行的交流,中国互联网络信息中心拟于2009年6月4日联合国内域名注册服务机构在北京嘉里中心大酒店举办我国首届域名大会,本次大会的主题是“规范、创新、发展”,通过基础资源领域的规范和创新,来推动我国互联网整体的发展。 In order to further promote China's Internet domain name industry, the scientific development and strengthen exchanges with international counterparts, China Internet Network Information Center to be in June 4, 2009 the United Nations, domain name registration services in Beijing Kerry Center Hotel, organized by the first name of our General Assembly, The theme of the conference is "normative, innovation, development", through the normative basis of resources and innovation, to promote the overall development of China's Internet.
经过十多年筚路蓝缕的发展,我国互联网以其低成本、高效率、跨地域等优势,成为经济发展“扩内需、保增长、促就业”的重要平台之一。 After more than ten years of arduous development, China's Internet with its low-cost, high efficiency, geographic advantages, economic development, "expanding domestic demand, capital growth, promote employment," one of the important platforms. 国家域名作为我国互联网发展必不可少的基础性资源,也已成长为我国互联网的重要产业,形成了完整的产业链。 China's Internet country domain as the basis for the development of essential resources, it has grown into an important industry for China's Internet, formed a complete industry chain.

作为我国互联网的重要入口和基础资源,国家域名的成熟度、应用度和安全性,关系到我国的信息安全,直接影响我国互联网发展的整体水平,影响着我国在国际互联网上的自主权和话语权。 As China's major Internet portals and the basis of resources, the maturity of the national domain, application and safety information related to the security of our country, a direct impact on China's overall level of development of the Internet, the impact of the Internet in China in the international discourse of autonomy and right. 继续推动我国域名产业的健康可持续发展,有利于夯实我国互联网的发展基础,保障我国互联网信息安全,打造我国互联网自律、自主、诚信的发展生态环境。 Continue to promote the health of our domain name industry, sustainable development, will help lay a solid foundation for the development of China's Internet, the protection of China's Internet information security, to build China's Internet self-discipline, independence, integrity of the development of the ecological environment.

近年来,随着伴随着中国经济的崛起,我国域名产业逐渐发展壮大。 In recent years, with accompanied by the rise of the Chinese economy, China's gradual development and expansion of the domain name industry. 2008年,我国网民数、宽带网民数和国家CN域名数量均跃居世界第一;在国际上,“.中国”域名写入全球根域名体系的进程稳步推进,我国在世界互联网上逐步拥有了自己的话语权,迈入互联网大国行列,并稳步朝互联网强国迈进。 In 2008, the number of China's Internet users, broadband users CN domain name number and the number of countries are ranked first in the world; in the international arena,. "China" into the global root domain name system, the process of steady progress, the Internet in China in the world have gradually their right to speak, into the ranks of major powers the Internet, and steadily moving towards the Internet power.

届时,来自政府主管部门、全球互联网权威机构、海内外域名服务商、企业界的众多领导、专家和嘉宾、主流媒体将共聚一堂,共同探讨新形势下域名产业发展的新途径、新思路。 Then, from government departments, the global authority on the Internet, domain name service provider at home and abroad, many business leaders, experts and guests, the mainstream media will come together to discuss the new situation of the domain name industry new ways and new ideas. 本届大会总参会人数将达千人以上,是我国域名领域多年来首个规格最高、规模最大的交流活动。 Session of the General Assembly the total number of participants will reach more than a thousand people, is the first field of domain names over the years the highest specifications, the largest exchanges.

本次大会将发布我国首个《域名产业报告》,全面揭示我国域名产业的现状和发展脉络,对域名产业的未来发展前瞻性展望,通过对当前国内的域名注册、域名应用、域名的市场现状等各方面的调研分析,为政府主管部门和各行业企业制定互联网战略规划提供重要的决策参考。 This meeting will be released in China first, "the report of the domain name industry," reveals the full status of our domain name industry and the development context of the domain name industry, the future development of forward-looking outlook of the current domestic domain name registration, domain name application, the domain name market status such as analysis of various aspects of the research for government departments and enterprises of the industry strategic plan to develop the Internet provide an important reference for decision-making.

本届大会将是建国六十周年之际,对我国互联网域名产业的首次集中检阅。 Session of the General Assembly will be the 60 anniversary of the founding of China's Internet domain name industry's first centralized review. 大会将为国内外互联网机构、企业和政府之间搭建更为宽广的交流与合作平台,对进一步加强域名产业国际合作,推动域名市场健康发展,将起到积极的推动作用。 The General Assembly for the Internet at home and abroad agencies, between business and government to build more extensive exchanges and cooperation platform for the further strengthening of international cooperation in the domain name industry, and promote the healthy development of the domain name market will play a positive role in promoting.

一、 大会时间:2009年6月4日 First, the General Assembly time: 4 June, 2009

二、 大会地点: 北京嘉里中心大酒店 Second, the General Assembly Venue: Beijing Kerry Center Hotel

三、 大会议程: Third, the General Assembly agenda:

时间 Time
内容 Content

6 月 4 日 June 4 (星期四)上午 (Thursday) morning

9:30-12 : 00 9:30-12: 00
域名大会开幕式 The domain name at the opening ceremony
中国域名产业国际高峰论坛 China International Summit Forum on the domain name industry

6月4日(星期四) 4 on day 6 (Thursday)
下午 Pm
14:00-17:30 14:00-17:30
域名服务与创新型企业发展高峰论坛 Domain Name Service-based Enterprise Development and Innovation Summit Forum
企业域名品牌战略及法律保护高峰研讨会 Business domain name and brand strategy seminar on the legal protection of the peak

互联网名址前沿技术国际高峰论坛 Cutting-edge technology of the Internet site of the International Summit Forum
国际互联网政策研究高峰研讨会 Peak of the Internet policy research seminar

四、咨询方式 Fourth, the Advisory way
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Old 18th May 2009, 09:41 PM
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Re: 4 june CNNIC meeting

Thanks for posting. Let the games begin. Everywhere.
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