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Originally Posted by bwhhisc View Post
IMO most are just holding their better names and waiting it out.
I'd have to humbly disagree. A lot of quality drops across most languages over the last two years. Many acquired for nominal fees and many not even backordered. Names that would have sold for hundreds or thousands in 08 or 09 are dropped now and hand regged, if that. Only a few of us really have an interest with few notable exceptions. Most have no interest in buying decent, very good or at times even great idns these days here or elsewhere. Many languages people have written off including myself. In fact, I don't even look at Thai drops anywhere after the low sales price and parking revenue of the apparent top name music dot com. Other languages much much worse. How many Korean idns pay for themselves? .0000001%?

Truthfully, I fully understand why most are over it. The wait has been ridiculous. Parking revenue has been horrendous except for some anomalies in the Middle East. Native offers are extremely, extremely rare. Reselling and flipping for profit is practically unheard of and we currently have no guarantees from Verisign.

While I do try my best to be optimistic and continue to invest it is to me almost worse than when I started in 2005.

All that said, 深圳.com is one hell of a domain!!!
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