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Arrow Announcement on Release of Certain Reserved Names of ".wang" TLD

In order to promote further development of ".wang" TLD and increase the utilization of premium names, the Registry hereby announces to launch a marketing campaign to release certain Reserved Premium Names.

Lists of Reserved Names that are to be released for application:
1. Two-character strings that are not listed in the ISO 3166-1. Please refer to Attachment One for the available names list.
2. Three-character strings that is previously reserved by Registry. Please refer to Attachment Two for the available names list.

Applicant Qualifications:
Four types of qualified applications are eligible to submit application for matching .wang names:

1. A Category: holder of the matching .com domain; e.g. owner of can register
2. B Category: holder of the matching .cn domain (; e.g. owner of can register
3. C Category: trademark holder whose names are shown in the Name Collision List;
4. D Category: holder of matching .net or .org domain; e.g. owner of or can register

Application Stages:
1. Application Period: from August 8, 2014 to September 12, 2014 (China Standard Time). Applicants need to submit application forms to the Registry via sponsoring Registrars.
2. Allocation Period: from September 18, 2014 to October 22, 2014 (China Standard Time). After reviewing, eligible applications will be notified to register the names via sponsoring registrars.

Application Rules:
1. String Policy
1.1 The applied-for strings should be in accordance with the Registry’s String Policy (please see
1.2 Applicants held the matching strings registered under other TLDs.

2. Time stamp
2.1 Matching domains submitted for evidence should have been registered before June 30, 2014. The domains should be in the registration period and not be involved in any disputes.
2.2 For trademark holder applicants, the matching marks should have been validated by TMCH before June 30, 2014.

3. Quantity Limitation
Given the available names in the attachments, only 100 allocable names are permitted for two-character and three-character names.

4. Application Materials
Applicants should submit authentic, accurate and complete materials as required in this announcement.
> The Application Form (Please refer to Attachment Three )
> Proof of matching domains or proof of matching marks

5. Submission
5.1 Applicants should submit all materials to Registrars during the application period. List of certified registrars of .wang can be found at .
5.2 Acceptable document formats include jpg, jepg, png or bmp, volume between 50kb to 200kb.

6. Review
Registrars shall review all application materials. The Registry shall allocate domains based on the allocation rules specified in this announcement.

7. Allocation Rules
7.1 Domains in operation enjoy priority over those that are not in use.
7.2 In terms of allocation priority, Category A is prior to B, B is prior to C and C is prior to D.
7.3 Applications from the same category follows first-come-first-served rule (based on the time Registrars submit the application to the Registry).

1. Application fee is $100 per domain, payable at the time of application. Application fee is non-refundable except
> That the whole activity is cancelled;
> Or the applications exceed the quantity limitation.

2. Allocation fee (non-refundable):
2.1 For two-character string: $20,000 per domain
2.2 For three-character string: $10,000 per domain

3. Registration and Renewal Fee: please consult Registrars.

4. All fees are payable within 5 calendar days after allocation. Otherwise, registration will be deleted.

Trademark Claims Services:
All domain registration applications submitted in this activity should follow the rules of Trademark Claims Services.

Domain Disputes:
Any dispute in relating to the domain names in the activity should be resolved in accordance with ICANN rules at .

The Registry reserves the right to adjust or terminate the activity at its sole direction, and the Registry reserves the right of interpretation.

Attachment One: Available Two-Character Domain List
Attachment Two: Available Three-Character Domain List
Attachment Three: Application Form

Zodiac Registry Limited
August 8, 2014
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