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Propose for monetization of cyrillic idn'

Hello to everyone, and happy new year!

I'm testing now some way of monetization of cyrillic Idn's, especially traffic from russia, and want invite you to take part. The main purpose is the monetization of mobile traffic, which in this domains (idn', as experience shows, is not a small part.
I'm interested in the following domains topics: adult, music, games, video/films, dating, education, Horoscopes and Numerology, women's issues For the begining i would like to work with idns that have nice daily traffic for one of the topics. For example: If you have few domain of the topic "films" (like [onlinefilms].com, [watchfilms].com, [dowloadfilms].com [freefilms].com etc.), and in the summ this domains have >100 daily uniques.

Please note that I am not talking about the 100% parking organization, You will get wordpress instalation with premium theme and some content on my hosting(in the begining only on the one of domains of each topic, and other domains of this topic will be redirecting. You may chose if search engines will be able to index your website, its realy not necessary, but must say that in some cases I had situations that onepage website get first position in search engines, also yandex, and thus gives me an extra few hundred daily visitors.
Also you may put links and banners for your anouther websites, and contact form for customers who wish to buy domain.

Monetization including the next parts(only white monetization):
1. If you wish, you can set your own adsense code.
2. I testing some affiliate programs to found the most suitable.
3. Most of all I look forward to some part of the traffic from specific mobile providers (often its ~10%). This 10% of traffic must give 50% of revenue.

I belive that that you will can do with me some more revenue than on parking. A little more I can say if you will give me your parking data (traffic/revenue). After that I will try to give you the most favorable conditions, for example: in the first month of cooperation in any case you will get 75% of your income for today, even if I can not earn more. After 1-2 month of cooperation we we can talk about the constant conditions that would be acceptable for me and for you (some like 85%/15%), of course your part must be more than you have today.

I would say much more confident, but the main problem at the moment is that any revenue will come in Russian ruble. But ruble , as you know, half the price than half a year ago, but even in this case, I have reason to hope for success.

I Hope that my English is understandable. If anyone is interested, please send me here or PM your domins, parking data and any questions.

Best regards.
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