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Question Re: Symbol Domains Under Threat!

Originally Posted by blastfromthepast
Dingbats are NOT going to go away. This was just a suggestion by a person who should know better.
Any further news on this guys? I for one will be
taking legal action against ICANN if they try to
delete my IDN 'symbols' at the registry...

The 'symbols' I have were registered several
years ago and are all single character typeable
.coms, and there's no way on earth that i'd let
ICANN get away with deleting them at source!

There was no problem with ownership and use
in the early 1990's, when they let,,
etc.. be reg'd, even when at that time there was
a supposed 'security' concern re: the release of
single-character names...

The same situation appears to be 'on the cards'
now with symbols, except this time around none
of the 'symbol' based domains (incl. dingbats) pose
ANY kind of technical problem for DNS or, anything
else for that matter.

And if they decide they want to delete the names
purely for aesthetic reasons, then they may as well
say they're going to delete because they
don't want to be seen endorsing porn on the net!

Absolutely absurd. Even 'though IE7 has not come
out yet, all of my 'symbols' generate worthwhile
traffic, and I have a definite plan for their future
development. If ICANN think they can sweep this
'under the carpet', because of the fact that there
are comparatively few symbol-based domain
owners, then they've got another thing coming.
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