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Re: Symbol Domains Under Threat!

Originally Posted by domainguru
I do remember it being explicitedly stated at the time bq-- IDNs were launched by the VeriSign registry along the lines of "this is a testbed and any name could be deleted in the future". Which was exactly what happened to all .org IDNs?

But that was when they were bq-- and not xn-- ....
Ok, thanks for that. IDN's, however, were (and are)
promoted in exactly the same manner as 'normal'
(text/number based domains) and no such warning
has ever been given by ICANN that they would or
could ever be deleted. Nor did they originally attempt
(when IDN's first came out) to discriminate between
symbol-based domains and those containing foreign
language scripts.

Ignoring for a moment, the legal rights (incl. rights
through use) that my company has now acquired in
these domains, this latter-day (apparent) desire to
discriminate between IDN's now is ridiculous. If they
do implement IETF's recommendation to 'eliminate'
symbol-based domains then they are acting illegally
and their domain name fraud/negligence/incompetence
will be dealt with in the courts.
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