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Smile Re: Symbol Domains Under Threat!

Originally Posted by domainguru
All I can say is during the IDN VeriSign testbed, there were explicit warnings all over the place that the names could be deleted in the future.

But like I say, that was VeriSign's own version (bq--) and presumably, since these are now shiny IETF "official" xn-- domains, those warnings no longer apply.

But really, if you have serious money invested in symbol IDNs, then your time (and money) would be best spent talking to an IP lawyer specializing in domains. Venting is fine, but you need to find out the real situation and what your rights are likely to be in the event the cancellation gets scheduled.
Hi Domainguru,

Thanks for that, and yes, I took legal advice about
this situ a few months ago and am advised ICANN
would not 'have a leg to stand on', if they chose to
delete ANY type of symbol-based domain (incl. the
dingbats domains).

The other consideration is that all of my symbols are
typeable (not ALT+xyz, but directly from the keyboard)
and not untypeable domains, like dingbats etc.. and
with this in mind there is no way it could be argued
that I might've or should've known that they 'could'
be deleted at some point in the future - they are
just the same as any other domain, and have the
same legal standing.

Anyone else got symbol-based domains, and want
to contribute to this thread?

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