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Re: 尼康.世界 $6800

Don't know how the purchaser found the seller. I can't even find a whois that works for .世界.
Many large corporations have teams monitoring extensions for trademark infringements. Under the new gTLDs there are trademark squatters registering very obvious TMs and offering them for sale for $xxxx knowing that most of these attempts will fail but in a few cases the TM holder will buy the name directly. Usually the TM holder will want the domain regardless of the extension and good lawyers can be expensive.

Sometimes the domain owner will even contact the TM holder directly and offer the domain for sale.

Finally, the Complainant contends that the Respondent registered and is using the disputed domain name in bad faith. In particular, it results from the Complainant's undisputed allegations that the Respondent offered the Complainant the disputed domain name for sale via phone and combined this offer for sale with the proposal to further "register all domain names that a relevant to your brand for your company on time" for a "service fee of € 2000 / month". Additionally, the Complainant has filed further evidence from which it undisputedly results that the Respondent publicly offered the disputed domain name for sale also on an online auction platform for a minimum prize of € 25,000 and a "buy-it-now" prize of € 80,000.
"I will squat on your TMs for a low $2000/month."

尼康 is available for $6.99

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