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Japanese geos, including 札幌.com, 長崎.com and 9 prefectures (+ matching .コム domains)

I am selling the following premium pairs of Japanese geos (.com + .コム). All the domains are at for a quick, simple transfer.

JAPANESE CITIES (prices as indicated)

IDN: 札幌.com and 札幌.コム
PUNY: and xn--cvto1r.xn--tckwe
ENGLISH: Sapporo
NOTES: 5th largest city in Japan, population 1.9 million people. Massive tourist destination, especially in winter.
Price: US$8,500

You can check population numbers and spelling here:

IDN: 長崎.com and 長崎.コム
PUNY: and xn--8ltr62k.xn--tckwe
ENGLISH: Nagasaki (city)
NOTES: Major Japanese city, population ~450,000 people
Price: US$5,000

You can check population numbers and spelling

JAPANESE PREFECTURES (US$3,500 each, or all 9 for US$24,000)

IDN: 佐賀県.com and 佐賀県.コム
PUNY: and xn--qqqq28ghoo.xn--tckwe
ENGLISH: Saga prefecture
NOTES: population ~ 850,000 people

IDN: 兵庫県.com and 兵庫県.コム
PUNY: and xn--f6qx53a74s.xn--tckwe
ENGLISH: Hyogo prefecture
NOTES: population ~ 5,500,000 people

IDN: 大分県.com and 大分県.コム
PUNY: and xn--kbrq7o950a.xn--tckwe
ENGLISH: Oita Prefecture
NOTES: population ~ 1,100,000 people

IDN: 宮崎県.com and 宮崎県.コム
PUNY: and xn--6btw5am48c.xn--tckwe
ENGLISH: Miyazaki prefecture
NOTES: population ~ 1,100,000 people

IDN: 山形県.com and 山形県.コム
PUNY: and xn--rht61ejx5a.xn--tckwe
ENGLISH: Yamagata prefecture
NOTES: population ~ 1,150,000 people

IDN: 岡山県.com and 岡山県.コム
PUNY: and xn--rht3d159f.xn--tckwe
ENGLISH: Okayama prefecture
NOTES: population ~ 1,900,000 people

IDN: 広島県.com and 広島県.コム
PUNY: and xn--kltx9ao25c.xn--tckwe
ENGLISH: Hiroshima prefecture
NOTES: population ~ 2,800,000 people

IDN: 福島県.com and 福島県.コム
PUNY: and xn--klty02dcyb.xn--tckwe
ENGLISH: Fukushima prefecture
NOTES: population ~ 2,000,000 people

IDN: 高知県.com and 高知県.コム
PUNY: and xn--d1yzry25f.xn--tckwe
ENGLISH: Kouchi prefecture
NOTES: population ~ 750,000 people

You can check population numbers and spelling of all the prefectures here:

1. I will pay the fee
2. Domains can be "pushed" at Dynadot, or transferred out, once payment has been secured
3. Sale ends on Cyber Monday (28 November)

Post SOLD to claim, then PM me, or email me at: ehayward(at)
__________________ - cheap .jp registrations, English interface, no local presence needed. Alphabet and IDN names. Hefty bulk discounts.
Please don't PM me for appraisals or translations, thanks.
All sales threads over 1 week old are no longer valid, period!
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