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Re: IDN Status update for 2017

Originally Posted by alibuba View Post
All opinions and foresights are welcome
There are some positive developments that will have and are having a positive effect on IDNs.

① Universal Acceptance Steering Group They are very active in getting out the IDN & EAI message to the technical community. They attend many conferences, hold workshops, reach out ...etc.. I am on their ua-discuss mailing list and if you want to contribute you can join at
② EAI Email Address Internationalization: DataMail is the first company that allows users to create an internationalized email address (I am not counting experimental email systems). I have an all Chinese email address 小山@电邮.在线 thanks to DataMail http://电邮.在线 Gmail has supported EAI for some 2 years but does not yet allow users to create internationalized email addresses.
③ I have directly contacted a small number of email software companies and some of them are actively working on upgrading their SMTP to SMTPUTF8 and will be releasing their upgraded systems this year.
④ Chrome is now treating IDNs more equally compared to ASCII domain names. Displaying the Unicode form is now the norm and displaying punycode is now the exception. This is the default, the user no longer needs to delve into the preferences to add preferred display languages in order for the Unicode form to be displayed.
⑤ 닷컴 has fared much better than I expected eg

There still remains the negative, which is the lack of Software/Internet Internationalization teaching in the various UK Computer Science/IT/ICT/Networking curricula. Generation after generation of UK students graduate only understanding ascii text processing, thinking only ASCII domain names work and having never written any internationalized software/Apps/websites. I am still a solitary voice in the UK.

I do not know what effect all this will have financially but I do believe usage of IDNs and internationalized email addresses will grow because of the positives above.

So, my recommendation to this group is: whenever and wherever you can, educate people on IDNs and EAI

André 小山 Schappo
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