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域名 Discussion for Chinese IDN domain names. Chinese domains include .cn, .com, & .net.
This section is for discussion only Please do NOT post Chinese domains for sale here.

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CCNIC article...future of China's internet

Summary from"
2009年7月13日,中共中央政治局委员、国务委员刘延东在全国人大常委会副委员长、中国科学院路甬祥院长陪同下来到中科院计算机网络信息中心,视察指导中国互联网络信息中心(CNNIC)工作。 July 13, 2009, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, State Councilor Wu Liu, vice chairman of the NPC Standing Committee, accompanied by the Chinese Academy of Sciences Lu Yongxiang, president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Computer Network Information Center, visited the guidance of the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) work. 刘延东参观了CN域名服务器的机房、监控室,并听取了CNNIC主任毛伟作的关于国家域名系统服务平台工作情况的汇报。 Liu visited the CN domain name server of the machine room, control room, and listened for CNNIC MAO Wei, director of the national domain name system services on the work of the reporting platform.

汇报结束后,毛伟主任向刘延东赠送了《数说互联网》和《中国互联网大事记》,这两本出版物是CNNIC多年来对中国互联网跟踪调查研究的集中体现。 After the report, Liu毛伟主任presented to "a few said that the Internet" and "Events of China's Internet", the two publications over the years is the CNNIC Internet to track a concentrated expression of investigation and research.

刘延东指出,域名系统是互联网的重要基础设施,对于整个国家的社会经济发展、文化建设、信息通信和安全具有重大的战略意义。 Liu pointed out that the Internet domain name system is an important infrastructure, the entire country for the socio-economic development, cultural construction, information and communication and security is of great strategic significance. 作为国家域名注册管理机构,CNNIC的责任是很重大的,使命是很光荣的。 Domain name registration as a national governing body, CNNIC's responsibility is very important, it is a glorious mission. CNNIC在国家域名系统的运行、维护和安全保障方面做了大量卓有成效的工作,取得了可喜成绩,希望CNNIC要再接再厉,继续做好工作,确保重要的基础设施的安全。 CNNIC Domain Name System in the country of operation, maintenance and security has done a great deal of fruitful work, and achieved gratifying results, I hope CNNIC must redouble our efforts and continue to work to ensure that critical infrastructure security.

刘延东肯定了CNNIC在互联网技术标准基础研究中取得的成绩。 Liu affirmed the CNNIC Internet technical standards of basic research achievements. 她表示,CNNIC作为中文域名的注册管理机构从1998年开始就加大了基础研究的力度,具有历史意义。 She said, CNNIC, as the registration of Chinese domain name service from the outset in 1998 to increase the basic research, and historical significance. 现在中文域名已经具有了多项核心互联网的国际标准,而且为3亿多网民提供服务,推动了我国互联网的发展。 Now Chinese domain name already has a number of core international standards for the Internet, and more than 300 million users for the provision of services to promote the development of the Internet in China. 中文域名也是中科院科技人员经过长期的基础研究积累,勇攀世界科学高峰、引领互联网发展趋势、掌握下一代互联网控制权的智慧结晶和重要的科技创新成果。 Chinese domain name is the Chinese Academy of Sciences scientific and technical personnel through the accumulation of long-term basic research, Yong climb the peak of world science, the development of the Internet to lead the trend and seize control of the next generation of Internet wisdom and important scientific and technological innovations.

刘延东强调,要借助向下一代互联网技术过渡的机遇,加强基础研究和基础研发,为把我国建设成为信息科技和互联网的强国做出新的贡献。 Liu stressed the need to help the transition to the next generation of Internet technology opportunities, strengthen basic research and basic research and development, to build our country into information technology and the Internet to make new contributions to power. 要加强互联网基础资源的管理和研究,尤其要加强对域名、IP地址等网络基础资源的管理应用,推进相关的技术研究。 Internet-based resources to strengthen the management and research, in particular, to strengthen the domain name, IP address resources such as network infrastructure management applications and promoting related technical studies.

刘延东还视察了中科院过程工程研究所,并与中科院科研管理和学术带头人座谈。 Liu also visited the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences and the management of scientific research and academic discussion leaders.

教育部部长周济,国务院副秘书长项兆伦,国务院研究室副主任江小涓,科技部副部长杜占元,国家自然科学基金委员会主任陈宜瑜、中科院常务副院长白春礼,中科院副院长李静海、阴和俊,秘书长李志刚等领导陪同调研。 Minister of Education Zhou Ji, Vice Secretary-General of Siu Lun,江小涓, deputy director of the State Council Research Office, Ministry of Science and Technology Vice-Minister Du Zhanyuan, director of National Natural Science Foundation of Chen Yiyu, CAS Vice President Bai Chunli, vice president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Li Jinghai, Yin and Chun, Li and other leaders of the Secretary-General, accompanied by research.
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