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Re: Symbol Domains Under Threat!

Originally Posted by idn1234
Even 'though IE7 has not come
out yet, all of my 'symbols' generate worthwhile
traffic, and I have a definite plan for their future
I think most of us have symbol domains or single characters of some sort. The question is: Why? I cannot fathom dropping my single character Greek, Hebrew, etc. or my cute and instantly recognizable symbols of all sorts. However, I get zero traffic to them.

Are they like curios to us? We keep them around because they remind us of the old days when a single letter reg would have been a goldmine? Are they like pets because they are cute and make us feel warm and fuzzy, but they just take up food (reg fees) and space?

Are you guys and gals really getting a lot of PPC income from them or could you use that reg fee for one more decent IDN? Just a question I pose as I contemplate reg fees next year.
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