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Re: Symbol Domains Under Threat!


My name is Joseph Scazzola, I hold both IDN symbols & IDN character domains. My most notable are ©.com and ®.com.

I have held these names since they where in testbed in the bq-- days. I have been working hard develop and get the word out about IDN's.

I was told by Gary Krall of Verisign, in 2003, that when the names where to come out of testbed in mid 2005 there would be no risk of deletion.

Then to find out that they may be deleted is just ludicrous. This type of behavior should not be tolerated!

For some these domains may be curios but I do not see this. When I look at ©.com and ®.com I see successfull websites. I see potential. I would not have spent so much time building and researching categories if I knew they where just going to be deleted.

If this happens and we get hosed I would think it would be a good time to start a class action suit.

Until then we need to draw attention to IDN's. I would suggest starting a letter writing campaign to news papers and your state officials. It is time to make some noise.
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