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Old 29th July 2009, 09:57 PM
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Interview Director of the Coordination Center of the domain RU Andrei Kolesnikov live

Интервью директора Координационного центра домена RU Андрея Колесникова в прямом эфире
24 июля Андрей Колесников, директор Координационного центра домена RU выступал в прямом эфире интернет-проекта Seopult.TV.

В интервью Колесников рассказал зрителям о недавних изменениях в Правилах регистрации доменных имен в домене RU, о роли Координационного центра национального домена сети Интернет в системе регистрации доменных имен России, а также поделился планами запуска нового кириллического домена .РФ.

Полностью интервью с Андреем Колесниковым доступно для просмотра здесь:

Interview Director of the Coordination Center of the domain RU Andrei Kolesnikov live
July 24, Andrei Kolesnikov, Director of the Coordination Center of RU domain acted in a live online draft Seopult.TV.

In an interview Kolesnikov told the audience about recent changes in the rules of registration of domain names in a domain, RU, on the focal point of national Internet domain registration of domain names in Russia, as well as shared plans start new Cyrillic domain. .РФ

Full interview with Andrei Kolesnikov available for viewing here:

Could a Russian Native give us the gist of what's being discussed.

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Old 29th July 2009, 10:13 PM
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Re: Interview Director of the Coordination Center of the domain RU Andrei Kolesnikov

An additional interview with Veni Markovski:

The new president of ICANN
June 26, at the 35 th International Conference of ICANN, as previously reported, has been appointed new President of ICANN, which took office on 1 July 2009. In the past 6 years, this post was Paul Toomey.

New President appointed to ICANN Rhode Bekstrom (Rod Beckstrom).

Genus Bekstrom - a very successful entrepreneur, a recognized expert in the Internet industry - has experience working with government agencies and the United States has been successfully used diplomatic methods of conflict resolution at different levels.

During 2008, Rhode Bekstrom headed the National Center for Cybersecurity United States (NCSC). In the post of Director of NCSC, Bekstrom formed a unique team of six experts the world's best cyber-security centers that combine civil, law enforcement and scientific communities. To date Bekstrom is one of the leading experts in the field of cybersecurity.

Genus Bekstrom graduated with honors from Stanford University. At the age of 24 years, he created his first company, which soon opened offices in New York, London, Tokyo, Geneva, Sydney, Palo Alto, Los Angeles and Hong Kong. From 1999 to 2001 was head of the company Bekstrom Privada - leader in technology to protect banking transactions carried out via the Internet.

In 2003, Rhode Bekstrom was one of the initiators and took part in the process of peaceful negotiations to resolve the conflict between India and Pakistan through diplomatic means. In addition, Bekstrom included in the Board of the Fund for the Environment and has over in this area.

Genus Bekstrom is a co-author of four books. One of the last - bestseller entitled «The Starfish And the Spider» ( «Starfish and the Spider»), for the first time a study was conducted phenomenal power of decentralized organizations. In such organizations named «starfish» - «spiders foot leap, and you will be kept on the palm insect paws with seven instead of eight. Leap head - and he will die. This is the principle of centralized power. But the leap tentacle sea stars, and it instantly appears new. You did not kill her because she had no head ».

«Rhode Bekstrom - a specialist with a great personal experience and very good technical training. That is what people want ICANN now, when the Internet is expanding and tolerate a lot of changes - say, in announcing the appointment of a new President, Peter Dengeyt Trashi (Peter Dengate Thrush), Chairman of ICANN.

Press-service of the Coordination Center has decided to find out what people think about the new appointment, and further development of ICANN representative of the corporation in Russia and CIS countries Veni Markovski and Director of the Coordination Center of the domain RU Andrei Kolesnikov.

Whether the appointment of a new President for the further development of ICANN?

Veni Markovski: «ICANN develops as a real international organization. As with any other organization personnel changes sometimes occur. I am confident that the appointment of a new president will have only a positive impact on the further development of ICANN ».
Andrei Kolesnikov: «The world is changing, changing, and the Internet. It is clear that Presidents come and go. How Does it at something or not, we can say when the results of the work. To do the same conclusions based on facts mingy biography - it is not gratifying. However, given that all of ICANN by demonstrating and trying to confirm their desire to become the affairs of an independent and truly international organization, would like to believe that Rhode Bekstrom lead this process ».

In a recent article in the New York Times a lot of attention paid to issues related to the activities of ICANN on the internationalization of the corporation and the appointment of Rod Bekstroma, a citizen of the United States, for the presidency. What, in your opinion, the influence of his appointment could have on the process of internationalization of ICANN?

Veni Markovski: «Previous President of ICANN has been out of Australia, acting chairman of the Board of New Zealand. The organization employs people from all continents. In general, assume that the organization is insufficient international and needs some internationalization - wrong. This reminds me of times when our planet is divided into «socialist camp» and «capitalist world», and we always wanted to «fix» of the evil American imperialists. The time when such arguments were used, passed away, and now, a corporation engaged in the work of practically everything - registration, registrars, government representatives from more than 100 countries. They all have equal rights. By the way, with June, the ICANN Governmental Advisory Committee re-entered China. In the past year, Russia also has a representative on the committee, however, as an observer, but this is just the beginning ».
Andrei Kolesnikov: «The process of internationalization of ICANN-is the opinions of most of the international Internet community. Ignore these views can not, because it threatens the very integrity of the Network. Mr Bekstrom became President in a very interesting time. He has a real chance to enter in the history of the Internet lead companies "ICANN 2.0". I think that the process of internationalization will gain speed, and it starts with the opening of top-level domains in the national languages. The question of reorganization GAC will also be in the first place ».

Journalist New York Times writes about plans for the new President of ICANN to engage Russia in the GAC (Governmental Committee). What it involves and how do you assess the prospects of this initiative ICANN?

Veni Markovski: «This is not an initiative ICANN. Here, life itself has made his adjustments. Thanks to the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev with Russia are already on the new, higher level. Everyone knows that he has one of the priorities of the emergence of the Russian Cyrillic domain. I want to emphasize that this issue was discussed at the beginning of 2008, during a meeting of Vladimir Putin and Dmitri A. Medvedev of Bulgarian President Parvanov and Prime Minister Stanishev. I think that even the mere fact that it is our two brotherly people are discussing the introduction of new domains - proof that ICANN is not only independent of the Government of the United States, but also listen carefully to the needs of its members and consumers of all countries ».
Andrei Kolesnikov: «accurate translation reads as« committee advisers States ». Now abbreviation GAC is the letter "A" - advisory, in Russian «Advisor». In Russia there will be more likely to enter into this committee, if the structure will have a real influence on decisions made in ICANN. Not only at the level of good advice and good wishes. In addition, I am not very expert in matters of international law, but something tells me that the official representatives of our state can not represent the interests of a company registered under the laws of the State of California. The very idea of official representation of Russia in tackling global issues of Internet governance, I fully endorse. The question of finding a legally correct form. Now in many ways the interests of the Russian Internet community in ICANN represents our focal point domain RU. In addition, we work closely with the Ministry of Communications and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation on international Internet governance ».

How do you feel about the possible emergence of a large number of new top-level domains (eg,. Paris,. Hotel, etc.) in the next year?

Veni Markovski: «I think that the new domains will be where they are needed to consumers. While in Russia there is a market and a desire to have other domains, it will be companies that are able to provide ».
Andrei Kolesnikov: «attitude of optimism. I believe that the emergence of a large number of top-level domains, including in national languages - is a transition to the next, more significant level of development of the Internet. Domain - this is not just the address, but also a means of individualization. Upper level - that belonging to a territory or community, or business. This is followed by the second level - specifically something personal. The more diversity on the Internet, the more opportunities for communication and self-realization for all of us. For example, the top-level domain «. рф», not only solve the issue with switching keyboard (which in itself is convenient), but will, finally, the Russian-speaking users to use rich language to complete the program: no longer will have to wrestle with how to write in Latin his mother «ДЫМ.рф».

Original Russian article:

machine translation...
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