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Re: Have you traded any NFT yet?

Great, which project was that?

Any ideas for what might be good in the future?
Not sure. I think my picks have not outperformed ETH on average so far.

There are 3 tokens that I own that are in my opinion massively undervalued compared to other projects because of the underlying fundamentals.


So these are my 'moonshot' bets but I think there is also a good chance that they will disappoint because the market might not care about fundamentals. Long-term potential is very interesting though and they are not pump and dumps unlike many others.

Here is why I think they are very cheap compared to other projects.

BAT is large in terms of monthly users and it grows it's user base at a rate of 7% a month. The Brave browser which uses the BAT currency has currently 25 million monthly users and it will be 50 million soon, 100 million two years from now. Brave is a better browser than Chrome IMO(try it) and it allows people to opt out of Google surveillance tech.

Their CEO invented Javascript and founded Mozilla. BAT has announced recently that they want to create their own Decentralized Exchange that would be integrated in the Brave browser and also use the BAT token.

Coinbase the largest US crypto exchange was recently valued at 100 billion USD (IPO) with 3 million monthly users.

BAT has a market cap of 1 billion and ranked only 73 out of 100 on despite being one of the crypto projects with the most users.

So I feel this project has been ignored by the market for a long time. It's possible that it will be continued to be ignored in the future but in case sentiment changes and it becomes a hot project the upside could be huge. I also think the downside is not too bad, this project is not going away anytime soon.

TRAC is a small cap project that is virtually unknown but the fundamentals are better than most of the 100 largest coins.

They are in the supply chain space biggest project here is VET with a market cap of 4 billion and rank 20. TRAC has a market cap of 200 million and a rank of 150.

If you look at the tech they have the use cases, adoption and partnership they are much more advanced than VET but VET costs 20 times more!

Reason is that they don't play the crypto game flying under the radar very few exchanges have them so far.

Partnerships include BSI, Oracle, Deloitte and others. I think their network is expected to grow 20 times in 2021 as more corporations join their network. More growth ahead in the coming years. They said their goal is to have 100000 organisations using their network by 2023 and if they don't become the fifth largest crypto project they will consider it a failure. Keep in mind this coming from a project that does not hype themselves. They have also been endorsed by independent academics who feel that their solution is a game changer for the supply chain space.

Large exchange listings are expected soon.

The project is difficult to explain. here is a good summary:

So I could see a huge upside here if this project becomes more widely known and popular. The risk is that it is too complicated or boring and does not attract enough attention due to lack of marketing.

LTO call themselves the Ethereum of business. It's a blockchain for B2B like TRAC. Like TRAC they are a small cap that has managed to form significant partnerships with businesses and governments. For example they have partnered with the Dutch government and the UN.

What stands out is that their blockchain is used in the real world by businesses and they currently generate 100k transaction a day with their blockchain which places them somewhere in the top 10-20 most used public blockchains worldwide. Transactions grow rapidly and steadily month after month. I think there will be at least 300% transaction growth in 2021.

Their ranking in is only 170 however. In my opinion this hints that this this project has not been discovered yet and has still the potential to go up a lot if it is able to attract the interest of speculators.

Here is an attempt to value the network and compare it to others.

I also feel that they are a bit more aggressive when it comes to growing the value of their token. One of the flaws of BAT and TRAC is that the token price is not a priority of the CEO while LTO has already stated they want their market value as high as possible to secure the network and to finance acquisitions. They intend to become a top 20 crypto project.

So I think these are projects with real world usage and use cases that are still very cheap compared to others.

The risk of these investments is that the market could ignore fundamentals over the short term especially as if we enter bubble territory and chase pumps instead so you could miss out on more popular coins that outperform them.

If there is a significant BTC correction all coins will probably go down and they will not be an exception.

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