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Emoji Domains - such as ☃️.com

Seems that Emoji domains may be "useful" now going into the future.

They are now easy to plug into the URL, with (for example) Chrome's "emoji picker" feature, and in Safari - however, since the Emojis seem to display the punycode in the browser bar (currently) - they seem to be a great way to redirect people to a main site related to the Emoji - for example, the Snowman could redirect to a Weather site, or maybe a Ski Resort, etc.

The question I have now is - will DOT-COM Emoji domains be opened up to the public, like the other extensions offer, such as .to, .ws and .fm?

It seems to me (correct me if you disagree) that the time is coming for IDNs and Emoji domains.

Interesting that someone now is promoting Emoji domains on top of domains - which they are calling "Yats" or "Y.ats"

GOOGLE SEARCH for yats emojis:

Be an icon. Yats are emoji usernames that become your universal Internet identity website URL payment address and more.

But - strange - Emojis based on top of a single-letter AUSTRIAN domain!?!?

One post that talks about them:

And then there's this:

So far, people have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars buying Yats. A Yat comprising a single key sold for over $400,000, according to trade publication The Defiant. Celebrities are piling in, with Ke$ha and Questlove using Yats on their Twitter profiles.


Seems a celebrity Kesha (or Ke$ha) is using:, which goes to:
"Kesha's World" ... but not as a third-level domain but to[RAINBOW][ROCKET][ALIEN] (a sub-directory of


I don't think these so called "Y.ats" are very desirable, but WTF! They are selling for $200,000+ ???

So, once again, I say "W T F ! ? ! ?"

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