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Re: Emoji Domains - such as ☃️.com

Hi Avtal, and thank you for your reply.

I didn't see anything after your last line, "So the registrant of, say, could presumably create sub-domains such as "

But - I'm guessing you meant something like: [Pizza-Slice-Emoji]
Similar to how they are selling the third-level "Yats" (at, such as: [EMOJIs], which supports your understanding.

I realize how CONFUSING many emojis can be, with so many different smiley faces and so many hearts. And especially the people Emojis with a range of different skin tones!

Certainly, allowing Emojis to be registered under .com is much more complex than most people might think, at first glance.

Fortunately, a few of the .com Emojis that were registered before they were restricted, are exceptionally distinctive. And I do have a little bit of an issue with my own Snowman. Because I've got "The Snowman with Snow," and there is another Snowman out there in the cold ... "without snow." So, instead of having many variations to be confused with, my Emoji domain, with the Snowman, it's either one or the other. And I think (or hope), mine (with snow) is the more popular one.

If they don't open up Emojis under .com anytime soon, I think that makes those Emoji .com domains, that were able to be registered before being restricted, super-duper extra special. Especially for a few of the distinctive Emojis that represent important things - such as the Recycling Symbol and the Cloud ... ♻️.com and ☁️.com

Thanks again Avtel!
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