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Do a bit of research on your cities of choice

I'd advice a lot of you who have the combo bug to really try to do a bit of research on the cities of choice before continuing with this new trend of City+Term+dot+com

Not every city or even state for that matter is a vacation or hotel hotspot.
Even some of the Japanese prefectures people only go there to visit back home. I'm assuming it's the same in China.

I don't like commenting in people's sales threads but some of these combos just don't go.

It's literally going to get to the point where you guys are going to start picking up things like for Bursbury, Georgia & expecting someone to buy it for $1,000 & the closest thing to a hotel is Jake & Zeek giving you a room in the back, near the stable.

Instead of spending $100 trying to go through small cities that won't be selling for a while, why not pick up a few good generics in .cn, .jp, or even .de?

A lot of us have made sales & to just spend it on registrations that will certainly take a while to get the fees back is a risk.

Many of you are just using the same cities, towns, etc. but knowing what is there can be a little helpful if you don't have a ton of investment funds. I would hate for registration time to come around & members start loosing their portfolios to drop catchers. Always keep in mind that IE7 is not official yet & expect to get real sales 1 or 2 years AFTER it is released.

Keep a simple plan. If times do really get tough make sure you have about 3 or 4 dot com generics that you certainly know can cover the registration of your entire portfolio. Don't put yourself in a risk factor, by getting too many too quick...

I had a look in NP about the nintendo wii domains. Probably 95% of those registered domains won't sell, & the ones that do probably will go cheap. Before people starting showing off combos what areas were you diving into? I'd continue in those routes. I'm still discovering new ways to find good buys that seem not to be even discussed on here. Trends are good but keep your portfolio tight full of good regs.
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