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Exclamation Re: Do a bit of research on your cities of choice

Originally Posted by Olney
I'd advice a lot of you who have the combo bug to really try to do a bit of research on the cities of choice before continuing with this new trend of City+Term+dot+com

Not every city or even state for that matter is a vacation or hotel hotspot.
Even some of the Japanese prefectures people only go there to visit back home. I'm assuming it's the same in China.

Man you hit this right on the Nose! It reminds me of a conversation i had with my Japanese Coder about some Hotel names i tailgated from you , He was very excited about 沖縄ホテル.net surprisingly more then 横浜ホテル.net because of the fact that Okinawa is a Major tourist destination .... if you check out Overture it is consistent with proving this , For instance for City Combo with Rental Car 沖縄レンタカー 27,526 alot more then the others. Granted companies will still want the name because im sure there are rental car places in almost every city but this supports what you are saying. And i was playing with some other combos early on when i started buying city combos and picked up 東京温泉.com , 大分温泉.com Oshi isnt the biggest place by population or anything like that but with research you find out it Gets over 2 million visitors a year bused in to its Hotsprings . So it is defintly wise to research places before you go haywire. And to give another example i picked up 東京ゴルフ.com and after asking my Japanese Coder about it he stated well there are really only Indoor Golfing in Tokyo , so basically there is a better place out ther for that combo.

When i first started picking up combo's I figuired i would touch some " generic keywords" that wouldnt face that issue ie's :


All Inspired By this post :

Originally Posted by RubberDuck
I have more or less packed it in now. Had a recent spurt with Combos.

Came to the conclusion that it pointless making a search enquiry for some Services without specify a Geographic Location.

This led me to look at terms such as "Shanghai Hotel", which we already had a version of. It was becoming very obvious that advertisers were prepared to pay heavily for such combos and therefore the domains themselves will have a good value later. Other services that are fairly meaningless without a location are Real Estate, Dating, Employment Agencies etc. I just took a large list of Japanese Prefectures and Chinese Cities and started matrixing the terms. Got caught out on Chinese though. I had no idea there were so many different terms for Hotel!

Funny enough Sedo were advocating such an approach in their recent news letter:

<<<ou've heard of "Think globally, act locally"? Well, in this issue Sedo presents you with the domainer's version of this mantra: "think global (keywords), register local (domains)". The formula of combining high-value keywords (such as "mortgage", "real estate", "attorney", etc.) with local identifiers to form domains like,, or is rapidly becoming one of the hottest strategies for building a search keyword-oriented portfolio that will perform extremely well on ppc monetization services like

The appeal of this strategy lies not just in the fact that locally-targeted domains are more likely to be available, but also in new research which suggests that some locally-targeted keywords actually pay considerably more per click than the nationally-targeted version. As more and more small businesses discover the value of local search, we expect the premium on locally-targeted keywords to rise further.

For more tips on how you can take advantage of this hot new investing strategy before all the good domains are gone, see this month's feature article "Domaining Goes Local" by Jude Augusta, Sedo's Director of Partnerships.

Wishing you continued success,


Matt Bentley

As ever they are exactly correct, just several years late. Interestingly they never thought that their clever localisation strategy might be link to IDN in anyway!
Originally Posted by Olney
Yeah Dave's right on this.
I just picked up 50 new dot com combos today...
After finding out Dave took ones that I've been meaning to pick up but never had the time to look for.
ALSO This Statement Makes Perfect Sense !

Originally Posted by Olney
Dave is right I've also been writing about buying in themes. There's only one hotel in Japanese Actually 2 & they won't let you register the dot jp.

That might sell for $500,000
But if you have 20 hotspots & hotel in jp & com selling at $50,000 to $75,000 each, who's going to make out better & who's going to get a quicker sale?

Domaining Goes Local Article


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