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IDN Domain For Sale Want to sell your international domain names? Post them here. Please proceed with caution on all sales, do your own translation, & use an escrow service. IDN Forums does not check the validity of any sales posted by users. Please only post Domains with at least minimum prices for offers in this Forum. If you don't know how much you want do an appraisal first. Domains without min price will be placed in dumpster thread. Users may also buy a sticky for their topic at $10 per day for up to 7 days.

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Old 18th October 2009, 01:03 AM
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60+ Gift / Fashion Name Chinese IDN partnership or sale for 7 days

Slightly different sale or business development proposal for next 7 days :

I buy sets of names, so I intend to try to sell or partner with sets as well.

The gift/ fashion portfolio of Chinese IDN's below is for sale for $30,000.
This offer is good for 7 days.

It is very targeted for young middle class and aspiring Chinese women.

Frankly, getting a Chinese woman MBA to run this would be a good strategy.

2nd proposal for the same 7 days:

for $15,000 I would prefer to gain a Chinese IDN gift/fashion e-commerce development partner for 55% of a company formed around these names. So that internal banner ads would point to owned sites rather than to Google etc..
Obviously, the partner's separate gift sites/ fashion sites would be included for traffic but sales would be treated as affiliate sales.

I would transfer the Dynadot control of the names to a third party agreed to me and partner ( an IDNF veteran etc....) , and the partnership agreement would dictate the 55/45 splits upon sales of the names via in the future.

At the end of 7 days, if there is no interest in these 2 methods.
I will decide to sell many of the names individually.
Please PM me if you are interested in the individual names, so I can contact you via PM after the 7 days.

I consider most to be in the high $xxx, and there are a dozen or so that are $x,xxx on their own merits, and would be portals in their rights.

Baidu's data for women 20 to 40, is that gifts, fashion, and cosmetics are highly searched terms on a store, brand, nationality, and celebrity basis.

I really believe that as a portfolio....combining fashion, cosmetics, gifts with hub and spoke development would be really lucrative...

thanks for your consideration.


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