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Old 7th November 2009, 02:02 AM
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有机化妆品.cn Organic skincare/organic cosmetics

commercial value is there and the organic market is also booming in China, what is the value of domain?
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Old 8th November 2009, 08:46 PM
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Re: 有机化妆品.cn Organic skincare/organic cosmetics

Not a market I have central knowledge in, I must admit
i.e. the "skincare / cosmetics" market in China.

However, since no one else has commented, I will try to answer this question.

My gut feeling is that people presently trust many brands and are not so concerned if the skincare products are organic or not
(i.e. they just trust that what they use for skincare is safe, as it has been tested and approved for use by the Chinese Government).
My understanding is that all skincare products marketed in China, do by law need to go through Government testing, before they are allowed to be sold to the public.

So I suspect that the real market in China for "organic" skincare is presently very low... which is echoed in the search volumes we see - see for example (approx. 62 searches per day for Baidu / 1860 searches per month... and on Google, a global "broad" match of 800 searches per month worldwide).

Google is so low actually for these terms for China, that nothing shows up in google trends - see

Interestingly enough, Baidu is showing spikes in searches over the last year - some searches, then none for a month or more etc., until recently a more stable search trend is appearing...
i.e. this suggests that a news item or promotion brings about interest in organic skincare (and that interest has, even though small, only recently becoming a regular thing for organic skincare).

Therefore, we should see a growth in this market, particularly if any skincare "health" scares ever become apparent in China.
But my feeling is that people are more likely to switch to "international brands" (of non-organic makeup) if a scare on a Chinese brand ever occurs, before they switch to "organic" skincare / cosmetics (and a scare is really unlikely to ever surface in the public arena for skincare, as skincare scares are not immediately life threatening, in the way that food can be i.e. they would be easier to push under the carpet and control in other ways that are less public).

Therefore, growth is presently likely to be slow for "organic skincare / costmetics", unless some "big" company really pushes "organic" skincare / cosmetics very hard at the retail end and starts a "trend" (i.e. hard sells the benefits of organic skincare / cosmetics to people) - this will of course only happen, if someone sees that they can make a larger commercial margin for organic verse non-organic skincare / cosmetics (which I guess is unlikely the case, without some novel story).

Therefore, like most things of a "green" nature presently in China, my personal opinion is that, not too much commercial benefit presently exists in the IDNs for things like organic skincare / cosmetics.

I hope these comments are useful to some degree - Cheers, Asiaplay

PS: I feel you would be better off looking at Japanese IDNs for this type of product perhaps - as the Japanese population are more "green" aware on the whole (and on the whole have more spare $ to spend on things like this).

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