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IDN.TV 28th April 2006 05:09 PM

How to park well ?
Lets say I own

ビデオ.com ( in japanese)

Now, I have chosen Namedrive to park my domain.

what are the key words, that I need to use ? Does it go like these

1. Use the japanese key words that are related to your domain name

Keywords: ビデオ 映画 音楽 テレビ

2. Use the keywords in english

Keywords: Video movie music television

3. Use the names of the websites that appear when we use the tool

Keywords: bellemaison jcc ioplaza edion ascii365 (the first few high bids)

It would be great !! if someone could tell the exact methodology they follow to park domains and how you get those high PPC's which cover your registration fee.

Thanx in advance

thefabfive 28th April 2006 05:16 PM

Re: How to park well ?
Right now I would use the English word - video or film or movies. If you use the Japanese keyword ビデオ there will be no related searches although Namedrive does accept keywords in other languages.

Once Namedrive gets ads in native languages then we can all switch our keywords away from English.

gammascalper 28th April 2006 05:24 PM

Re: How to park well ?

Originally Posted by thefabfive
... although Namedrive does accept keywords in other languages.

Good to know their infrastructure is set-up for it.

Have you noticed that some IDN (not counting Latin) automatically display relevant results without forcing an English keyword?

It seems like advertisers are already using native language keywords in Adwords.

I'll try to dig up an example.

mulligan 28th April 2006 05:28 PM

Re: How to park well ?
Parking is one of those mysteries that are ever enduring. Some people have great success one month and then.....Nothing.
Personally I am always tweaking one thing or another, add a keyword, take one out, have no keyword (Has worked on occasion)
Only thing I would say definetely dont do is to make it a portal. I have had consistently bad results with portals...
I have had all my Japanese names with Japanese keywords and it was a dismal failure. I am right now changing them all to English.....
Thats not to say the results will be any better ;>)

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