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Re: any good news for arabic domains?

Originally Posted by aboujouj83
I think I have that patience

I stopped registering new names two weeks ago which makes me less impatient...I am now working on improving my hockey forum. However, I check my namedrive stats every day, and they fluctuate a lot. I am getting few clicks every day on my arabic names, not more than 3 or 4 in total...I am going to wait and see.
I think that we should help promoting in the arab world. I started on my own way, but I think we need a big promotion...


Depends a lot on the names - ovt and whether it has been indexed. I'm getting an average of 1 view for each of my Arabic names per day.

Originally Posted by domainguru
I think if you are focussing on income generation at this stage of the game, you are focussing on the wrong thing. As discussed many times, few people type in IDNs at the moment, and that isn't going to change for several (many?) months to come.

Park names to get traffic stats to guide you in deciding which types of name to acquire, but income generated at this stage is just a bonus.

You just need to have faith that income will come post-IE7, and spend the time pre-IE7 investing in the best IDNs you can find!

Traffic does exist, except is smaller amounts, so it would still be possible to compare domains within the same language group for traffic.

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