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TestbedBuyer1 25th February 2010 06:00 PM

Top japanese names - regd 10 years ago!
I'm back and offering a few special selections from my testbed day portfolio.

Buy any name on the list now for $750 / All reasonable offers will be considered.

アーチスト.com artist
アイヌ.com Ainu
アマ.com amateur
アマチュア.com amateur
アラブ.com Arab
いきいき.com "going going"
いく.com "vivid" "it goes"
ウィンター.com winter
ウィンドウ.com window removed
エミュレータ.com emulator
エンゼル.com angel
かけ.com betting/applying
カム.com cam "machine"
キャッシュカード.com cash card
コンピューティング.com computing
シーサイド.com seaside
シーズン.com season
スパイダー.com spider
スプリント.com sprint
タイマー.com timer
たのしい.com fun
どんなに.com "how, how much"
バザール.com bazar
バスト.com bust, breasts
ファンタジー.com fantasy
フィート.com feet, foot
フォロー.com follow, followup (abbrv), covering for
フライト.com flight
フラグ.com flag
フラッグ.com flag
ペンキ.com paint
ポエム.com poem
ホッケー.com hockey
マスター.com to master
みる.com mil, mill
メンバー.com member
ユース.com youth
ユーモア.com humor
ラテン.com latin (abrv)
ルー.com roux, curry powder
ローマ.com Rome
ワイド.com wide
ワイルド.com wild
上がる.com accrue?? Itrises?
世の中.com the world/society/ the times
何しろ.com any/anyhow
台数.com number of large objects such as cars, computers, etc. // computers/quantity
掛ける.com phone
決め手.com 1: person who decides; 2: deciding factor; clincher; trump card; winning move

This is it! No further names will be added to this thread. Any name may be removed from sale at any time and for any reason. Avoid disappointment and buy today!

Names are being offered in multiple places and via email. First come, first served.

I'll take paypal from anyone I know and trust. My sole discretion. Others may need to send cash or use escrow (split fee).

Definitions are presented for convenience. I believe them to be accurate but am not a native speaker. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH! If anyone finds a serious error please notify me.

*** and one last thing... when copying name listings please, please, please use the entire entry (idn, punycode, definition)- this helps me quickly find, track and update everything. thanks!

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