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SEDO? what a bunch on losers

here's my latest encounter with the "leaders in domain parking, selling and messing you around.."

Seperate eMails sent to sedo on Sunday from both buyer and seller of a name:
We want to use your domain transfer service.
Punycode is: xxxxx unicode is: xxxxx
and all the relevant contact details...

Reply from Sedo on Wednesday
Thank you for your email. Please confirm if either party is VAT registered. If so, please provide their VAT number

Buyer and seller responded on Wednesday

Response from Sedo on Thursday:
I am in the process of creating your transfer, but need the full domain name. Please send me the domain name in its normally spelled version, not as an IDN

Buyer: the puny code is: xn-xxxx

Response from Sedo: Sorry for this inconvenience, but I also need the IDN of the domain. Once I have that, then I can process this transfer.

Buyer: the IDN is: xxx

Response from Sedo:
I do apologize for the inconvenience, however at this time our system does not support the transfer of Japanese characters (IDN, UTF8, etc). We are in the process of updating our system for this and should be able to transfer this kind of domain between one and three months from now.

way to go to waste a week of my time.
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