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bramiozo 21st May 2010 11:00 PM

[website].com - 웹사이트 - Korean
웹사이트.com - XN--VF4B78IUK958A.COM

As I understand it;
웹 = web
사이트 = site(s)

But I have been told that 웹 itself is the primary term for website,that confuses me since 'web' obviously already encompasses a 'website'. How do they use these terms ?

Input from Korean speakers is greatly appreciated.

bramiozo 22nd May 2010 10:20 PM

Re: [website].com - Korean
No Korean speakers ?

NameYourself 23rd May 2010 05:52 AM

Re: [website].com - 웹사이트 - Korean
Not a native speaker, but your translation seems to be correct according to the online tools. Wikipedia also supports that translation and related words also seem to match up (see below). However and as I'm sure you have seen, the google search count for your term, literally "WEB SITE" "웹 사이트 "is only 390 EXACT while the search count for "SITE" "사이트" is 33,100 EXACT. It's possible they just use 사이트 informally. All translations seem to match up, that is my best supporting input though, ultimately a native speaker will have to confirm.. its always possible they have a completely different word altogether but my guess is 사이트 is likely to be the common term rather than including the literal 웹 (web) word too.. almost redundant in way as 사이트 seems to already mean site (on the internet only) whereas in english site could also mean a physical location or place. That's my best analysis, a native speaker to confirm for you would be ideal.

웹 사이트 - website
웹 디자인 - webdesign
웹 2.0 - web 2.0
웹 페이지 - webpage
홈 페이지 - homepage

bramiozo 25th May 2010 10:19 AM

Re: [website].com - 웹사이트 - Korean
Thanks for the input, yeah I considered that "site" is used as a shortcut to indicate a website but "site" has a generic stand-alone meaning and so it makes sense that it has a higher number of SERP's (along with '사이트' it also shows 웹사이트 or any other kind of 사이트).

I think it's 웹사이트 btw and not 웹 사이트 but hey, we need a Korean speaker to confirm, speaking of which, where are you ??

NameYourself 25th May 2010 10:39 AM

Re: [website].com - 웹사이트 - Korean
Yes 웹사이트 does appear to be the correct writing over 웹 사이트 with a space, I just listed them that way for ease on the eyes of interpreting each character's individual meanings. Another helpful way to determine the true native meaning is Google images:

Google Images (ENGLISH): site - shows both physical places and websites
Google Images (ENGLISH): website - shows all internet websites and no locations
Google Images (KOREAN): 사이트 - shows all internet websites and no locations
Google Images (KOREAN): 웹사이트 - shows all internet websites and no locations

This would seem to indicate both are used in the same way, the higher exact match of 33,000 for just 사이트 seems to give the impression that 사이트 pretty much already means internet site, while the web is almost redundant but probably literally proper..

still native speaker??

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