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Re: ➑.com Eight Ball

Originally Posted by blastfromthepast
Thanks. So, you are saying you can't see them in the browser bar? What browser? Because I can in mine...
Hi. I am running IE7, and all I meant was
that in the future names like this may
resolve natively in the browser, i.e they
will not resolve to punycode in the browser
bar but will display the names in an original
format, i.e. the graphic/symbol (hopefully,
they will also not display that unfortunate
'warning' bar that you currently see in IE7!).

Some people will mock dingbats domains
saying they are useless, maybe they are.
I am not so wise as to know what the
future holds for these domains, but I do
know some of them are incredibly visual,
potentially desirable from a corp. branding
perspective and the way that technology
is heading they could evolve in to a normal
domain name, perhaps within the next 5 yrs.

The 8 ball could be a really good leisure/pool
type site, that appeals to a young (and image
conscious) demographic. From memory, I can't
think of any other dingbat graphic that has
a similar 'identity'. Good name.
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