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Re: New Updates at Name Pros !

Originally Posted by Rubber Duck
The money will still be around, just looking for a new home!

When money is tight advertising budgets expand. More supplier chancing fewer customers means more advertising!

Well, i hope so, i still depend on PPC to pay off the reg fees.

The increase in interest rates is causing the upheaval on the stock markets, but the dollar is still falling despite the increase - i'm losing quite a lot from the exchange rate - i was getting 1.70 Singapore Dollar for an American dollar second half of last year, and now it's 1.59, the other day, it dropped to 1.56.

Ironically, the RMB is pegged to the US dollar, so i'm paying less for Chinese goods and services, so effectively, the dollar hasn't gone down against the RMB.

The situation in China is also not normal, too much money dumped into office building and luxury condo projects that are not occupied, or could not be tenanted out - especially so for the second and third tier cities. Reminiscent of what happened in Bangkok and Seoul during the 1997 Asian crisis.

I'm no economist, but this situation is not normal.

Of cos, aside from what's happening on the market money, i've no doubts that idns are the future, so the key is holding power.

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