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Re: New Updates at Name Pros !

>If America is hit, everyone in Asia will be hit - they are not immune as Drewbert said.

The only thing propping up the US economy is China and Saudi Arabia - because they are sitting on so many USD at present. The USA is financially (and morally) bankrupt. They have been printing more and more money (and spending it foolishly) to keep their economy afloat and their people happy and it's all about to come home to roost. They have been changing the way they measure economic indicators to try to stave off the truth*. The big holders of USD have been quietly moving out of the USD, hoping to convert as much as possible before the run starts.

When it does, the countries (and people) holding gold and natural resources will be the survivors.

1. Change in method of calculating unemployment level.

2. US total personal debt exceeds US total personal savings for first time since 1930's.

3. Halt in release of "M3" figure - google +m3 +"economic indicator" for a quick education in how important this figure is - the US Treasury stopped reporting this figure in March with no good reason.

Take a look at the graph of "estimated ownership of US public debt" half way down

The further you dig to find the truth, the worse it all looks.
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