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Re: The first $1mn IDN?...

Originally Posted by idnowner
A name like GAMES or MUSIC (* in one of the "top" languages) could easily go for over $1M, when the market is ready (perhaps in under 2 years). The offer may be much greater than one might be able to generate from PPC. The value could come with development and promotion of the site, by the right developer.

* "top language" - A language that attracts a lot of type-in traffic from people that have plenty of money to spend.

I agree. When it comes to top generic domains, few buyers ask for stats. So, we might not see a $1MM IDN domain sale since the once IE7 is up and running, the monthly growth of revenues will be so high, it would be hard to value that IDN. But some IDNs will be worth that much, that's for sure.
Asking a local domainer who missed the boat on IDNs in his language if IDNs are valuable is like asking your wife whether your mistress is pretty.
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