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Re: The first $1mn IDN?...

After everything is ready, I think IDN will worth 1/2 - 1/5 of the value of ASCII domains depending on the language. There's no need to care how much IDNs are worth now because our IDNs are for the market when it's ripe.

There are still some uncertainties between now and the full implementation of IDN, browser support, idn.idn... And these "uncertainties" really make IDNs investing more interesting than ASCII domains. I knew some people interested in IDN a few years back, they did not invest any money because of such uncertainty, and they are still waiting for idn.idn to settle. In their view, IDN is only about 75% - 80% sure...

I always feel that what makes life worth living is exactly such Uncertainties in life, you can never be sure you will still live tomorrow. For ordinary people, 80% sure is not enough, but for smart people, 80% is actually 100%. I don't discriminate against not-smart people, but I have to admit that opportunities to get rich are always taken by people with vision -- people that have the guts to believe 80% sure is very sure and care to take action.

Dot Com is King. will soon be king.
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