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Old 22nd September 2010, 02:26 PM
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Board Retreat: key contributor-some closure-not too distant future.
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Old 22nd September 2010, 02:34 PM
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Re: Board Retreat: key contributor-some closure-not too distant future.

>> CHUCK GOMES: Thanks for joining us here this morning. One of the first things I'll say is that the work on new gTLDs in the GNSO goes back to 2005 for this particular round of new gTLDs. Just to put you at ease, I'm not going to try to give too much detail, because obviously I could go on for a long time in that regard. But hopefully give you enough highlights and information in terms of especially where we are at today, that maybe you can ask some questions, and we can better meet your needs in that regard.
February 6 of 2006, the GNSO council initiated a policy development process, commonly referred to as a PDP, regarding the introduction of new gTLDs, and that was after I already indicated some introductory work that happened starting in 2005.
On the 8th of August in 2007, the GNSO council approved final recommendations for the introduction of new gTLDs, and that was approved by a supermajority vote of council.
And on the 26th of June, 2008, the ICANN board adopted the final report with those recommendations and asked staff, directed staff, to continue an implementation process that they had actually started even before then to try and get a head start in terms of the implementation plan. That particular implementation work is still going on today, hopefully coming to a close shortly.
In October of 2008, the first draft applicant guidebook was published for public comment. Lots of comments were submitted by I think all sectors of the community. On February of 2009, draft applicant guidebook version 2 was published. Additional comments were received from the entire community, and again not restricted to just the GNSO.
May 2009 version 3 of that guidebook was published for public comment.
And then May of this year, the fourth version of that applicant guidebook was published for public comment. And that comment period ended a month or two ago.
In each case, the guidebook was revised in response to the public comments submitted.
Now, the most important thing for me to share with you today is where are we at right now? On the 18th of August, a revised initial report by the vertical integration PDP working group was finalized, and that has been forwarded to the ICANN implementation team and in particular to the board. That particular issue deals with the -- the question of whether registries and registrars should have cross ownership and issues related to that. So, should registries and registrars be vertically integrated in offering new gTLDs or not? That has been a very complex issue, and one that a lot of work has gone on. And so that report has already been forwarded to the board without any formal recommendations, because of the complexity of the issue and the short timeframe. But that is one of the issues that is outstanding right now.
Just a short time ago, at the request of the Governmental Advisory Committee, the GAC, and I see several GAC members here in the audience today, a letter from Heather Dryden, Chair of the GAC, was sent to Peter and to the board with regard to some concerns they had with regard to recommendation 6 of the new gTLD recommendations from the GNSO, and that had to do with terms used in the GNSO report regarding morality and public order. In response to the GAC request to form a community wide working group, Heather Dryden, Chair of the GAC, Cheryl Langdenorr, and myself, formed a community working group. It wasn't restricted to those three organisations. It was open to any organisation, including the CCNSO and other SOs or advisory committees.
That group is still working. In fact, some of you on that group are in the room today. And we went until past 1 o'clock last night in the morning, trying to finalize a report for the board. And that report should be delivered to the the board with a little follow-up work still needed by first thing tomorrow morning.
And again, that is a great example of the cross community work with regard to GNSO policies. GNSO policies don't just impact the GNSO. They impact probably everybody in this room in some way or another. And so that is a great example of collaborative efforts between the Governmental Advisory Committee, ALAC, GNSO and other interested parties in the community.
Work is also continuing in response to a board recommendation to investigate the possibility of providing support to new gTLD applicants from organisations and areas of the world where financial resources and other resources including technical resources may be limited. That group is ongoing. All the indications are that they are making very good progress and will be coming forward with some recommendations in that regard.
Work is also continuing by a joint IDN working group involving the GNSO, the CCNSO, and the at-large community, regarding a few remaining issues regarding IDN gTLDs and IDN ccTLDs, so that group is ongoing. They also appear to be making good progress and some of you in this audience today and on stage are probably involved in that effort.
One other issue that is current right now, a final analysis and summary of all of the many comments submitted on guidebook 4. I expect we will see that shortly.
Finally, the next big step is a board retreat. And I won't talk too much about that, because that is also not in my area of direct concern, but the board in Brussels committed to focus on the new gTLD process at their retreat, the 24th and 25th of this month. And that will be a key contributor to the overall process in helping us come to some closure in the not too distant future.
This process, as you can tell, has been long. But, I would like to remind everyone, and I probably don't need to, that a bottom up process takes a long time if you adequately listen to and try to accommodate the concerns of the diverse parties that are impacted by a policy. So, whereas some become very impatient. At the same time, it demonstrates our willingness, as Rod said, to get it right and to listen to everybody in the community.
Thank you.

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