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Opinions on anonymous WHOIS masking and DNOA?

I have WHOIS masking on most of my ASCII domains because of free promotions and privacy/spam concerns, but I do not have WHOIS masking on any of my IDN domains because of budget reasons.

I just learned that DNOA offers WHOIS Privacy at part of their membership services. I am considering using the DNOA WHOIS privacy service on all of my IDN names.

1) What are your thoughts on WHOIS privacy options in general?

2) Does WHOIS privacy slow down or complicate the sales process beyond the point where the negatives outweigh the benefits?

3) Are there additional risks of losing the domain through fraud or if a legitimate complaint is made to the WHOIS privacy service?

4) Do you use WHOIS privacy on any of your IDNs? If so, do you use your registrar's WHOIS privacy service or a third-party service?

5) Any opinions on DNOA membership? Is it not really necessary? Or is there a better alternative?

Any advice is appreciated. Thank you.
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