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Re: 诞生 and 誕 Birth? Chinese

Originally Posted by bwhhisc
This section is for discussion, and since this a term 2 different ways it might be interesting to have native speakers opinion.

I don't object to a mention if anyone is interested to pm, otherwise people will be posting for discussion, appraisal and for sale!

I think it goes without saying that most domains are for sale at an agreed price, a subtle reminder shouldn't be a problem. Many have sales info etc. in their signatures which show up every time they post.
In his first post, there's no mention if it is "appraisal, question or discussion". He didn't even ask any questions. It looks like a sale thread with domain info and a "pm if interested".
What is the difference between the two 诞生 and 誕?
誕 traditional Chinese
诞 Simplified Chinese
They have the same meaning as "生".
Each character has its own meaning in Chinese. In imperial time people tend to use classical writen Chinese which favors single character for a word. After modern culture were introduced, people start to write oral style for books in which one word usually consists of multiple characters.
Briefly, 诞生 or 誕生 is the common words that are being used. People can understand 誕 but never use it as a word.
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