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IDN Forum Members - Introduce Yourself

I thought maybe I should put up a sticky thread so you guys can introduce yourself & possibly put up some of your gems...
Also you can put how ya found the site (for us) & maybe other boards you frequent. This way others can check credentials. (optional)

We basically target the Japanese market. I'm bilingual Japanese & English living in Tokyo, Japan. Most of our IDNs were registered from drops. Some people are going to be pissed 2 years from now.

Some of our gems include

アニメ.com : Anime in Japanese 286774OVT September 2005. This is the actually term Anime Japanese for Animation (waited patiently 3 weeks for this baby to drop)
アダルトビデオ.com : Adult Video in Japanese 970148OVT September 2005
テレビゲーム.com : TV Game in Japanese 748789 OTV September 2005. Most common term for console type games like Nintendo, Playstation etc.
パソコンゲーム.com : Computer Game : (pronounciation is Pasokon game short for personal computer game) 134312 OTV September 2005 not the only way to say PC game but one of the top terms.
ハンゲーム.com : HanGame Japanese 1,385,336 OVT Sept 2005 actually I'm a bit puzzled at first I thought that this was a translation for hand held games but it's not. There is a but I use a Mac & can't access it.

have fun guys
テスト中: ベリーダンス : Japan SEM : カードローン (Not an IDN, yeah I do those too)
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