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Old 11th March 2011, 01:25 AM
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International Domain Names with Internet Explorer 7

International Domain Names with Internet Explorer 7
IDN stands for Internationalized Domain Name, also known as multilingual domain names. It allows you to use the possibility of multiple characters in domain names in addition to letters and numbers. He uses characters in other alphabets, like accents and uses a non-Roman style (non-English) languages.
What browsers support IDN names today? Only the latest version of Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 2 support IDN Names directly entered into the browser. IE6 and earlier versions will not support IDN. What’s TLD or ccTLD IDN support? First, what I say to this question is that which allows extensions to be registered like and IDN.
Here is a list of those I’ve registered: . com
. Net
. Tv
. Cc
. Jp = Japan
. Cn = China
. DE = Germany
. GR = Greece
. Tw = Have
all registrars support IDN registrations?
No, how does the creation of this and so does There are others but most do not. Please check with your registrar before you log in, or you are all having a long name that has no value put who. IDN What should you register? You the same principles that you should have learned when registering English domain names. Go after the higher paying ppc conditions first. Make sure if it says more than one way to get a word in any language, that they all, as you never know which have the most traffic. I have registered quite a few words of double meaning and it is never the one I think has the most traffic.
Most of IDN’s with Google more than 1 million have some traffic unless you get ridiculous generic terms like ‘the’ -. have no value whatsoever Also, as with English domains, something deeper. If credit is taken in the language that you go for things like home loans, car loans, boat loans and so on.
How to find and register IDN’s? There are many ways to find and register IDN domain names. The best way is of course if you speak the language, but even then you need to be careful. Just like in English some common words are not being used and a short form can be used. In English, most people know the word automobile but rarely would use it. Most would the word car.

This can be explained by the two overture scores: 1572
18 016

Now, does not , automotive IDN is not a good sign, it just means you go to the one that should be more input into a browser.
Well, if you do not know anyone that a language that you speak to go, your only choice to use a good translator software, I suggest you
If you have a word to you, in several languages ??and even makes it really easy to get a keyword in multiple languages ??in force.
I’ve found that just like domains, which I think to get the most traffic, is not surprising, but the languages ??I have never heard anything get some traffic.
Now we want to see how you go about registering IDN names: Let’s go to and see the Russian word for weasel as an example. Take the word, and so now I go download the IDN Domain Conversion Tool at under the Tools menu, then press to open it and add the Russian word in the space under the heading IDN Domains and press the OK button. You will receive a code called puny code is: xn-80aa3ac5a, then take that and add a com to it and you’ll end up with this .. Now check a whois or try to register and see if you get it. In order to arrange for and try my domains in one place I register most of my IDNs hold at Enom. There are other options if you like. You can use the actual ID code and go to and type in the IDN, and it will tell you whether it without the puny conversion is available but you should know how to do it anyway.
If I like an IDN xn-f9b5b1c6b7k should I register. com or. cn or both? really depends on how strong the concept if it is a great idea, and you have the $ , the register of all mans them both. If you do not want to do is get my proposal. Com. You need to do some research here as every country operates differently. Some countries are big on their ccTLD’s while others go for. Com first and only if the access is made to their ccTLD for it. Personally, I have the registration of the. com and if it is a great term I get the ccTLD for that country if its available. To learn more visit IDN names of the Domain Name Forum where all the domain experts hang and chat.
speaking, all good IDN names? Absolutely not, take your time and do some mining and you will find it to gold in the mountains. Remember not expect miracles from IDN domains now, the miracle will come once most of the world has a browser that can support it. should expect up to $ of your IDN’s doing now? No, if you’re lucky to be a few who can pass it on. I have registered thousands of these and at least half have traffic and that’s good enough for me to know that the future will be great for them. Be patient it will be worth in the long run. Returns there anything I should have IDN know?
Yes, there are many more, please take the time to learn about domain names and to ask themselves, and post your questions as there are many IDN experts and they will typically you respond within a few minutes. I hope this helps some of you get what should be an interesting area of ??domains to be started. Adam Dicker has extensive experience and domaining expertise. A known figure in the industry founded High Impact Sites Dicker, Inc., a company that has thousands of high-profile domain names and operates the largest articlesbasecom
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Old 11th March 2011, 06:35 AM
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Re: International Domain Names with Internet Explorer 7

Can't wait to rush over to to learn all about these new fangled IDN thingies ... they sound great!
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