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Originally Posted by Chris
Great question and discussion. It answers quite a bit that I've been wondering also.

So there won't be the need to switch from chinese input to english to append the .com then right?

i.e. I thought to type 成都.com you had to:
1) Type using Chinese input 成都
2) Switch to english to type .com

Little plug and you've got me curious with the "Sold" beside it, nice sale I bet


If you are using pinyin input, i found out sometime ago that there's no need to switch to English when entering .com/.net, at least for Firefox, the .com/.net (appears as red underline) goes in after clicking enter.

If Firefox can do it, i see no reason why IE can't - they own the IME anyway. It would be good if someone with Microsoft contacts, help point out this very crucial requirement. It would be ideal with the .com can be added "automatically".

See attached image.

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