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Re: where can i check arabic overture?

Originally Posted by Alphamale
you'll find people here use a combination of tools to measure a name.

1.US overture. I have personally regged names that have an ovt as low as 150

2. Google Trends, if you can find a few "known" good arabic names, then you can compare yours to these. Have a look through the past auctions/sales threads for some examples

3. Google Hits. A name with a low overture but high google hits, means it may not be a natural type in/search, but is very popular in the language

again, your best advice is to browse the for sale forums, you will see people quoting each of the above when selling. You should be able to build up a benchmark as to what is generally considered a "strong" word here.
thanks friend,as u have advised i will research past arabic sales thread so that i get an idea about it
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if interested in any names plz feel free to send your offer by pm
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